just got home and got my new 2011 yuuksta it has a ridiculous exaggerated vibe you can see the yoyo going up a few centimeters what should i do contact yye and get a new one or is this normal for the new yuukstas

nevermind i just had to get used to my first metal lock topic plz

NEVERMIND the yuuksta is still vibing i just got a lucky throw but i accidentaly hit the tile with it and it took off a tiny bit of ano just now anyone know if i can still return it?

LOL!!! I dinged up my ZEN5 before i exchanged for my DV888

lol how bad i just dropped it on concrete playing 5a (OOPS) lol 5 marks now ya think i can still

1: dont play 5A over concrete
2: If you use metal plus 5A make it cheap, like a dv888 or popstar or somthin.
3: my zen 5 ate up 6 strings before i sent it back, out of 5 of those it hit the floor and it was bad dinged.
4:yes you probably can.
5:just call YYE!!! they will tell you if you can.

ps: why are you sending it back… I have my dv888 a bit dinged and Im still keeping it

if you read the other posts, its got a nasty vibe but everything else is AWESOME

Most people who are considering sending a product back try to keep it in reasonable shape to return. Why are you still playing it, 5A over concrete no less???

Now that it’s beat up, one could say the vibe is due to you dropping it numerous times.

lol i dropped it twice and its not dings just little bits where there is no ano

I would have contacted someone before you played 5a over concrete. Also, did you do the finger test for vibe? If it still persists. You are out of luck my friend.

whats the finger test?

Finger test…

Throw a sleeper, lightly touch the side of the yoyo. If the vibe stops, it’s your throw, not the yoyo.