Hey guys, I just got a brand new yyf DV888 and its my first all-metal yoyo, so could you give me a few tips on keeping it in good condition? thx :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a dv888, but I heard it was good. Just use a somewhat short string, and be cautious about were u yoyo. If ur outdoors or over concrete,u might not wanna use it. I have like 10+ metals and all I can say is that wood floors almost NEVER ding or scratch. Plus either way, no matter how good u are, you WILL ding ur yoyos so just don’t worry about it. If u do happen to scratch it and ur a real neat freak,use some nail polish orna marker and cover it right up. That’s wat I do with my black 888x, and I cant see a scratch unless I look reaaaaaly close.

honestly, dings are not that bad, you should see my dv888 :slight_smile:

i dont enjoy dinging stuff, but im at the point where it really doesnt matter to me. if you REALLY want to avoid any problems, use short string, but that didnt stop me from dinging up my DM2.