WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i ordered my dv888 and it came i was really exited but when i yook it out of the box there were ano flaws all over (and this is not b grade).even worse are the rimsthere is literally no ano at all an those things.since this is obviosly worth nothing on bst i dont no what to do.that was thee worst spent 50$ ever. plus it plays like poop!!!




sadly i dont have a camera


Did you get this in trade or did you buy it from an online store? If you got it from a store then return it and they should replace it, no questions asked.


did i mention it doesn’t have response


got it from yye


Contact the store.


Not only that, contact the store ASAP via phone.

I find it hard to believe a new on the box item would go out to YYE, but to also go OUT from YYE. But, hey, stuff happens.

I’ll keep that in mind when I order some more yoyos in a month or two, since a dv888 is most likely going to be on that order.


Are you sure it’s not splash? And your grammar/spelling is horrible.


they only have solid color dv888s in stock


Ok, but I still don’t believe YYE would mess up that much.


Because yye does the ano and puts the pads in.


Are you sure? I would think YYF would do the ano and put the pads in. It’s their product. Plus, I see the same colors at YYN as I see at YYE, so it tells me it’s a factory color.

Sure it just wasn’t a typing mistake?

Still have a hard time believing YYF would mes up that much, but I’ve seen worse. Not from a yoyo company mind you. My A&H ML5000 arrived as a 48, not a 48B. BIG difference, same frame, but different module just right of the master section.


You are totally wrong on this.
YOYOFACTORY makes the yoyo.




so I guess people can’t really detect nobody’s sarcasm? I mean I know it can be hard to detect over the internet, but come on…


I guess we’re slow.


Although I am highly skeptical of your claim, contact YYF about the issue.

I think that they still care enough about this customers to send you a replacement.


You can’t tell with that guy.


I tend to disable my sarcasm detector. The internet is a flat medium, and unless those who post carefully choose their words to ENSURE proper interpretation, I just take it as-is.

You’d be surprised at how dumbed down the average internet user is. Part of the issue is because they marketed the internet to idiots. What happened? They came in by the MILLIONS. I quite literally watched my mail server plug along at 15-100 messages a day with n real filtering, to now over 100K messages a day, with maybe only 3-5 legitimate messages a day passing through my filters. Often, that number is higher because of the spams that require me to make new filters to keep that crap out.

People just need to understand where there stuff comes from and where the responsibility is.

Companies like YYF make a large number of products. Not to get nasty about certain things, but the majority, if not ALL of their product is made in China. I won’t get into all the other BAD reasons why doing business with China is usually a bad idea(such as they’ll sell your information, or use it to make knock-offs using your own molds and materials, or violating environmental practices that have been requested), but one of the problems with dealing with China is they don’t take the same attention to detail as most other places do. However, when you’re inspecting yoyos all day long, really, just like anything else, if it’s done by a human, they’ll go into auto-pilot mode… “good, good, good”… The monotony can drive you nuts. Not sure if they use optical inspections using robotics and computers. But even so, no matter now tight the QC process is, there’s always a chance that something will get through.

When something somehow sneaks through the system, this is the time as a consumer to show their true colors. It often happens in a spectacular meltdown. But this is how you should handle it: Once a problem has been detected, the item should be thoroughly inspected and if possible, documented. Often, one problem may indicate another problem may exist, so you should go look for it. CALMLY send this information or provide it to the place of purchase, as they are/were the final process and are most likely responsible for dealing with this item. However, they may direct you to who makes it. It depends on policy and agreements between companies. There’s no single right way, it’s whatever is agreed upon. After that, follow instructions.

In my case of a recent issue, my 17" Macbook Pro died on me. Worked fine Sunday, Money was dead. Went to the Apple store, explained the situation so I can get a repair quote. $529! Ouch! Wait… there was a CPU recall… my repair is free! But, how I handled it was through my knowledge of computers and troubleshooting(most of what I do during the day), and was able to come to a diagnosis. I presented the computer to the Genius Bar person(not a genius, BTW), explained my findings, explained other work done(hard drive replacement, RAM upgrade), and the repair last year, so they’d know what’s going on. The only thing they had concerns about was my data and I said “there’s a wiped drive in the machine, and the drive that was in there is safe so we’re all good”. Unlike the ranting lunatics to the left and to the right of me, I was calm and collected and while the other Genius Bar guys were trying to not kill their customers, the one I was working with was getting an easy time.

Back to yoyos:
I currently have a problem with my RecRev Sharp, from the point of view that the response pads don’t exactly fit will into the yoyo. I contacted YYE, who said they’ll ship a replacement set of pads. HOWEVER, I think I’m going to contact a well known and respected individual on this forum regarding perhaps a mod to this unit to make it compatible with flowable silicone and then politely decline YYE’s offer for replacement pads as they won’t be needed. Even if this modification costs me money, I’m looking at the long term, not the short term. If in the end I’m pleased, then that’s all that really matters.

How did I present this? I simply said that the pads didn’t appear to fit properly and I am worried that they might rip out. I also inquired if it was compatible with flowable silicone so I had an alternative solution. They(YYE) said that they didn’t feel it was compatible with flowable silicone, and that they’d be willing to mail out a set of replacement response pads. I said that I will contact them in regards to this on my next order so it can be included in the package rather than waste postage now. YYE liked my concept and said to send them a reminder on my next order regarding this issue and it will be taken care of.

I can share this because:
1: It’s true.
2: It was handled calmly and led to results that while ended in my favor, ended on a positive note.

Another issue: I had YYJ thick and thin lube bottles with cracked tops. I contacted both YYE and YYJ about this. End result? Both companies were willing to correct the problem, and what happened was YYJ send me replacement top portions.

So, a few other notes:
If you have a problem, please try to handle it privately first. If you email YYE, it can sometimes take them up to 2 days to get back to you, but often next day is realistic. One you’re hot on their radar, they are super fast to get back. This is because they do seem aggressive towards handling customers. See what YYE can do to help first. They’ll often advise you on what to do. Taking this out into the public tends to annoy everyone who may be willing to help you. I know, it’s the old saying “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, which may be true, but I often wonder why they swarm over a pile of dog poop in the yard.

Good retailers want to take care of customers. Good companies also want to take care of customers, directly or indirectly.