yuuksta vs. Boss vs. dingo vs dark magic II

just wondering what you guys thought which is best

the DMII is a nice yoyo maybe more “oldschool” than the other ones
the Dingo is nice to have but doesn’t really perform, fun throw tho
the yuuksta is very nice to play, nothing bad to say about it
the boss is simply better than all those 3, proper brilliant throw

I played/owned all

Hadoq is perfectly right. Just sayin’ though, the Yuuksta is amazing. For $60 it performs like a $100+ metal. Its really stable and great for excalibur. Like a mini Genesis. I cannot stress how awesome it is. Plus has great colors. The Dingo is a novelty extremely mehh and the Boss is ultra fast and is basically an 888. The DM is great for begginers, but I dislike the oversize shape.

I too have played or owned them.

thanks,i think i made my dicision of the yuuksta then will buy the boss. thanks for replying

Great choice! You’ll love it! If you don’t mind me asking, what color are you getting?

black with gold splash. I’ll try and find a site with it i’ll start here.

You may have to look on the BST because that was a limited run.