Missed my chance, so can you help? -.-

Hey guys, I was supposed to buy a YYJ Dark Magic II last friday at my store, but unfortunately my store ran out of stock. So now I’m stuck to choose between these yoyos: YYJ New Breed, YYJ Revolution, YYJ SFX, YYJ SR-71, and Duncan Echo. Should I buy one from my choices or should I just wait for my store to restock the YYJ DM 2?Is it really worth buying (Dm 2)? Because I already have a plastic version of Dm 2, which is the YYJ Legacy 2. My preference in yoyos is it should have a shape like these: http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/500/view/images/02.jpg or any shape that looks like it. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I’ve only played the new breed and SR71 of the other yo-yos you’ve listed. I own a couple DM2s.

My opinion is wait till the DM2 restocks. The SR71 is a really great yo-yo but doesn’t seem to fit your shape preference. The new breed is beneath both in my opinion.

I much prefer the SFX to the DMII. The Duncan Echo is also worth seriously considering especially if you’re interested in a full metal.

I like variety so if you already own Legacy 2 I think it’s better to try a new shape.

I liked the SFX when I tried it.

I’ve played with the DarkMagic II, was a pretty decent throw until it dropped and body cracked

i noticed your country is the philipines…

have you thought of saving up enough cash to pay for shipping and order overseas?

you can almost always find whatever throw you want online…

and the YYExpert shop still has plenty of DM IIs

I’d agree that it might be a good idea to try a different shape. Personally, I just don’t understand all the DM II hype, it’s always felt a bit big and clunky to me, but that’s just a personal thing

If you want an all metal, go for the Echo, if you want to stick to YYJ, any of the yoyos you mentioned are very, very good.

Wait for the DM2 restock. Or go all metal and buy the metal version of it: the Trinity.

think of who owns the store…

Barley thought about that, I would be more carful next time dude. You can seriously hurt someone’s feelings.

Someone asked for an opinion and they got an honest helpful opinion. I think that’s perfectly fine regardless of who owns this forum.

The DMII is open to praise an criticism just like any other yoyo. Personally I think it gets way more praise than it deserves, often from people who haven’t played a whole of lot yoyos to compare it with. They see Andre’s fantastic tutorials and figure if that’s what Andre was using then it must be awesome, when really Andre could’ve made those tutorials with any decent 1A yoyo.

can really thumb grinds with something that isn’t YYJ, well with the exception of a few,

^^ not sure what’s in your collection, but I can thumb grind most of what I own… And I own very few YYJ.

YYJs don’t thumb grind well.

lots of YYJ

DM2? Titan3? Vigilante? Not YYJ’s (once you take the caps off) can thumb grind very well.

Even without caps the DMII is pretty weak at thumb grinds, at least compared to most metal throws with an IRG. The Titan3 is even worse as it has absolutely no IRG, though it may be well-suited to horizontal thumb grinds thanks to the inverted centre hub.

Regular thumb grinds can still be done on both these throws but they’re hardly ideal for it.


Yeah, if you want good thumb grinds Code 2s and DV888s are good choices.

I really want the DV888, but the problem is my store doesn’t sell them.

If I were you, I would forget about the DM and get an SFX. A much better throw --IMO-- but really, it all comes down to preferences. I hated the new breed, thought the SR-71 was “meh” but I liked the revolution as well.