Missed my chance, so can you help? -.-

I love my echo but if you get it put the caps in side out makes it spin super smooth

I have dm2 and it is kind of “meh”, the new theory however is awesome.

Agreed dark magic 2 is meh

Think of who ones the store. It’d be like going up to Tyler Severance and telling him that the Severe sucks(haven’t tried one, so I’m not saying it does, this is just an example). Have some respect for André.

The thing is i bet andré will understand that everyone can voice their own opinion and font be offended. i would assume h would shrug it off if he even reads these posts.

New Breed. Basically a wider version of a DM2. Its a good yoyo, so underrated!

It has a completely different shape and is made from a different type of plastic, so I’d hardly call it a wider version of the DMII. It plays decent enough but I still prefer the SFX.

I’m guessing there’s a good chance the OP has already made up their mind anyway.

It doesn’t matter whether it is Andre’s favorite yoyo or not, it still isn’t against the rules. I think it needs a diet and a low wall.

Some people are plain rude. It’s not about breaking the rules or not, but at least have SOME respect.

I like the SR-71. It thumb grinds great, and it just performs really well. It is a little heavy, though, but so is the DMII. Unless you want to wait for the DMII, that would be my pick. If you would rather have an all metal, I’d get the Echo. It plays just fine, and I don’t use the caps at all, but I do like the SR-71 better.

No matter which you pick, I don’t think you are going to go wrong. All of those are decent yoyos.

It wouldn’t be a Dark Magic anymore then would it?

he can say what he wants.

I like turtles…

when you get really good you can go back to any old yoyo And make it look awesome
I have a dmII and its ok compaired to my cHIEF

Nobody has really been rude in here. They’ve just voiced their opinion that they don’t care for the DM2. Anyone that’s thrown a good amount of yoyos like Andre will understand that everybody has preferences and that’s part of throwing.

I myself don’t like the DM2 and actually dislike most metal rim yyj’s since most tend to crack over time and have an odd feel in my opinion.

As for the original topic I would go with the echo if that’s the choices you have. You should see if the store owner will let you try the throws or if there’s anyone local with the throws you want to try.

It isn’t like I’m PMing Andre and telling him I dislike the DM2.

Its his store though.