Dark magic two

Is it a good or bad yoyo?

You tell us! You listed it as your favorite yoyo. If you love it, perfect. I personally really like the dm2 but others feel its a bit large. However, my tastes require a variety of throws so my preferences are varied.

Read some reviews, see how they’re set up, and make a review of the dm2. It really wont help you if we tell you what to like. You have the dm2, undoubtedly, so share your thoughts. If it’s how you honestly feel it can’t be wrong ;D!

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well i like it it my favorite yo yo in the discription thing under my user name but that mite change not because but because im starting to do off string and i will prombable be like the big yo or somthing in 1 week or so but as far as the dark magic 2 goes in my oppinion 2 thumbs up

Good or bad is a matter of preference.

This is my absolute favorite. I have one in blue, I bought a second in clear. I’m looking to get it in red, black and white as well. But that just sounds like a collector, which I am to an extent, but I throw what I collect! I’m also planning to get one in blue for cap removal purpose and learning IRG stuff.

What I like? I like the size and the weight. It’s not too fast, it’s not too slow. It grinds(I can’t, but some day I will), it’s flexible and adaptable. It’s very stable and well balanced. I use it to learn, to play, to throw, to show.

OK, let’s talk some real world stuff. I went to a yoyo learning meet today to get some help. I need to work on my throw AND I got some help with the 1.5! Anyhow…

I carried with me the following: my clear and blue DM2’s, an Albatross, a Void, a Royale, a Dibase, an Agape, a Code 1, a dv888, a Phenom, a Phenomizm and a Miracle. I mostly stuck with my DM2. It’s where I feel most comfortable and best performing for me.

The rest of my collection was left in my vehicle. Why? That was my plan. I don’t need to carry around 2 big cases full of yoyos, plus my package full of accessories, holders, repair parts and what-not.

My DM2 goes darn near everywhere I go. It’s always on a yoyo holder on my belt loop, on display and ready to go.

My views are biased towards this yoyo. So be it. Don’t bug me none!