Dv888 vs yuuksta vs one drop m1

I am tryin to decide between these three yoyos. I like small to
Medium sized yoyos with a shape similar to the di base (which I have and love), I also enjoy string tricks. Asthecially I like the dv888 splash edition the best but I have heard the yuuksta is more stable and overall a better throw. The yuuksta also looks really cool just, in my opinion, not as cool as the yuuksta. Thanks in advance

Don’t we all? :wink:

Well you said you liked medium sized yo-yos, and the dv888 and the yuuksta are both small. Based on those two I’m guessing that your price range is around $40 to $70…

The Mangaroo has a similar shape to the Di-Base. Personally, I would go with the new Blood Brother yo-yo. It’s a really good throw in my opinion

Thanks and I prefer smaller yoyos but I don’t mind medium sized

Hmm I would go with the M1 if you can find one…

Thanks they have them on yoyonation but is it better than the yuuksta

Yeah, but that’s just my opinion, others might think differently, but I really like One Drops

Yuuksta is a class above.

Out of those 3 I only have a yuuksta, but I can confirm that it’s a solid throw and I have no regrets owning it.

i recently got rid of a dv888 and i own a yuuksta. If its between those 2 go with the yuuksta hands down. I havent played an m1 though so i cant comment on that

In my opinion i’d say both the yuuksta and dv888 play the same for me, i own a yuuksta and have thrown the dv888 (and plan on getting one here soon as well) and both play very nicely. Only thing i don’t like is the yuuksta feels wierd in the hand while holding it for 1a… my 2 cents

Personally, I have decided that I am not going with those huge companies like YYF anymore, just because I want to support the smaller companies, where they care about you, and a lot are in America. Nothin against YYF, have a protostar and POPstar that I love, its just Im going for something else. So I would get the First Blood Brother(which is a great throw), or a RecRev Oscilatrix, or any recrev or onedrop