Yuuksta or northstar or protostar

Yuuksta or northstar or protostar witch of these have the best stability and the smoothest?

and what do the pros use?

The pros use all 3. I can give you videos if you like. Also, its impossible to tell you without the slightest hint of what your looking for. Give us some preference.

they are all good

if u find a northstar maybe is going to be good or a yuuksta even protostar get the one u want it more…

The north is very stable and sleeps really long

The yuuksta is small and fast

The protostar can be as fast as you and is good for horizontal yo-yoing

Jensen kimmitt uses a north star

Yukki Spencer uses a yuuksta

John ando uses a protostar

it depends what styles you play and your prefrences if you like undersized or overside, plastics or metals. also augie fash uses a protostar for 5a.

First off people on the forums are just trying to help

And in fact I own a yuuksta and protostar (2) and my friend has a norhtstar and I’ve spent a good time playing with it

He asked what the pros use so I told him

And I told my opinion on the yoyos

Ps some yoyos are really heavy at the end of the string and hard to maneuver