yuuksta or 888x?

I’m getting a new throw cause I’ve done some babysitting and now I have some money to spend :slight_smile:

I can’t decide on which yoyo to get- YYF Yuuksta or YYF 888x
What I want in a yoyo is a undersized speed demon capable of doing the fastest tricks. Both of these yoyos are undersized and fast (888x is slightly heavier tho) and can spin for a long time. the main difference is the 35$… However, the 888x premium package comes with some extra stuff that could make up for the cost difference, but the description isn’t very specific. (888x also has hubstacks which is a bonus)

MY MAIN QUESTION- whats in the 888x premium package? It says 2 bearings… that means two unresponsive spec bearings right? It says replacement string, does that mean just one replacement string? It says instructional dvd, is that dvd actually helpful and does it contain a lot of advanced player tricks? any helpful comments are appreciated.

You got 2 questions there. I actually recommend 54, because it has RSM, which acts like hubstacks and are aluminum spikes or brass domes for different weigh or play. But 888x is fine though. Just not a big fan of hubstacks.

Both are fine yoyos.

If you really want hubstacks, just get a PGM.

side effects mainly adds weight and looks cool but you can’t grab on to them like hubstacks. and the hub stacks arn’t really a huge deal I’m just saying they’re a bonus (in my opinion). I’ve tried a PGM and i didn’t like it very much. thanks for the reply tho

They can act like hubstacks. Like here http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=6098

And they are called RSM A.K.A. rotating side members. As the name implies, the side members would be the lego “stack” and they rotate acting just like a hubstack. You can ask 1slave25.

I think you should go with a yuuksta, because I heard that hubstacks makes a yoyo has a little vibe, plus the yuuksta is 2’8 grams lighter, so it is more fast and it is stable too.