Yuuksta Help: Spec Bearing or Central Trac

I’ve been wondering which is better ???

Neither is better for the Yuuksta or any other yoyo. They’re both great.

I personally prefer the feel of a flat bearing (SPEC) in it, but that’s because I prefer flat bearings in all my yo-yos. Had you asked me a few months ago when Center Tracs were my favorite bearings, I would have told you Center Trac. So it all boils down to what you like playing in any other yo-yo - this one’s no different.

Now if you’re asking if you should buy a new SPEC to replace the Center Trac, I’d say hold off and just ride it out with the Center Trac, or just swap bearings with your existing yo-yos to try the feel of both and find which one you prefer for the time being.

On the other hand, I find SPECs in general to be a crapshoot. Some I’ve gotten play amazing but the majority (by a slim margin, and I’ve owned quite a few) of the ones I’ve received have given subpar performance from the beginning. So if you seem to have better luck than me, go ahead and take the gamble with the SPEC. But there are more reliable and less expensive alternatives out there.

I prefer center trac to SPEC because my throw isn’t perfect yet. I don’t have any problems with it, thus have no reason to replace it.

If you’re looking to replace it with something “better”, some popular choices are Terrapin X, 10-ball, and AIGR.

Terrapin X also centers the string pretty well and doesn’t bunch the string. The other choices are flat.

Better, meaning…the same and not better? (They really aren’t any better, just different.)

I was very careful to put the word “better” in quotes.

CT makes my binds slippy. I much much much prefer flat bearings. I strongly suggest against getting a KK/CT unless it comes with your yoyo, and if you can, replacing it with a flat bearing like a YYJ Stock/Speed Bearing/YYF Spec. 10 ball work too.

Also don’t buy into Ceramic. Its not worth it.

Thanks for the help guys getting a SPEC ::slight_smile:
by the way is the yuuksta here in yoyoexpert already have SPEC bearing?

No it doesn’t.

No it doesn’t read the description

I did a few hours ago but i was a bit confused i thought that they already had the SPEC but the stats was not updated yet :-\