A message to yoyofactory.

I have a suggestion, i think the center track has a good concept behind it. But me and others ive seen on the forum seem to find that the center trak is a high maintenance bearing that may acually become absoultely terrible if the yoyo is dinged on the floor with enough force, or even if its removed from a bearing seat.

What if you combined the center trak and the spec x?

The low maintenance, indestructable quality and smooth spins of the spec x combined with the concept of the center track would make a killer combo. I despise grooved bearings, but since the center trak play like a flat bearing, but prevents the string from hitting the response at the wrong time, i like it. What i dont like is that in my experience center traks acually seem to make my yoyos more vibey. They also lock up and break easily.

“center trak X”

Just a suggestion. Also, i named the title what it is so it will stand out for yoyofactory ben :smiley:

What do you guys think about this?

10-ball Center Trac? My money says they’re already prototyping or have had the conversation and decided to scrap it. One way or another, I’m betting it has come up over at YYF HQ. :wink:

Side note: I’ve had no problems with my Center Trac but I had one small (fixable) issue with my Spec X. Experiences may vary!

I don’t understand how this “combination” works such that it somehow makes Center-Tracs more durable.

They would be making an entirely new bearing here, and its durability would be completely independent of either of the other 2 bearings’. It could be better or it could be worse.

I mainly use CT’s and haven’t had any problem

Well I might actually be with supbreh on this one. The old yoyofactory flat bearings to me felt a little loose and shaky, you know? Just not really put together well. The SPEC X on the other hand felt a lot more solid of a bearing just playing with it with my fingers I could feel the difference in build quality. This might be a good idea actually. However this is not yoyofactorys conversation, this is Central Bearing Companies gig.

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Isn’t CBC and yyf brother and sister companies? Aren’t they associated with one another?

Maybe you’ve just had some bad luck with center trac bearings. I love them, and I run them in most of my yoyos.

I have yet to have an issue with the CenterTrac. I find they clean out nice, one of the longest spinning bearings I’ve ever worked with, and when properly matched to a yoyo, it can be a wonderful thing. I have had lots of problems with the SPEC bearing.

A 10-ball Centertrac? Sounds good to me.

They’re in partnership but CBC makes the bearings, not yoyofactory.

This product has been developed, tested, produced and will ship to stores within 14 days.

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it’s on, IT IS SO ON!

I see a large number of bearing upgrades in my near future.


See maybe I’m going crazy but I could have sworn that my Doomsday Genesis came with a cageless 10 ball centretrack. I remember because I was staring at it for ages as I’d never seen one before.

I might just be going mad though. Either way, go YYF! I love centretracks so an even better version sounds great to me. :smiley:

This couldn’t be better!

  • “How about this idea?”

  • “We’re on it, it’s on stores within 14 days!”

Pure joy. 8)

This is great. I love the shape of CTs, but mine always seem to get dirty or damaged fast, which kills their spin time. This combo should prove fantastic.

I think the centertracks are already great, can’t wait for 10 ball ct

Ben you are amazing I love CenterTracs and 10 balls.

I love my CT and my 10 ball. But the flat spec bearings felt loose like M. DeV1 said, loose and shaky.

So a 10 ball CT is AWSOME, but are they all going to be grooved or are they going to be flat and grooved?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


They’re Center Tracs. Center Tracs are flat in the middle with a slight upward curve near the response area. It’s a unique profile. “Grooved” bearings have a narrow groove that accepts the string loop (like a Twisted Trifecta or a Crucial Grooved). Let’s not confuse the two things. :wink:

YYF already makes a flat 10-ball. It’s a good bearing, and is called the “Spec X”.