Yuuki’s new Video!
What do you guys think about Yuuki being back in the public eye? I’m smelling a CLYW sponsorship soon…I think he looks better than ever in this new video.



That’s a great video. If he does her sponsored by CLYW how long do you think it will take for him to get a sig. Maybe they will be like c3 and shinya were.


I’m not sure because Charles Haycock Sig is in the process so I think IF he does get sponsored and gets a sig it will be similar to how the Puffin was released then The Cliff a little more than a month later.

(SR) #4

Yeah, great new stuff. I say he’ll be sponsored within the year. And it doesn’t even have to be with CLYW necessarily. He’s been messing around with a lot of stuff from RecRev and OD too, so. CLYW seems most likely though. If he does get sponsored by CLYW, holy crap, they will eclipse YYF as having the best contest team. They will be unstoppable.


In a way i hope he doesn’t accept any sponsorships. Unsponsored people at his level feels for me more interesting. I don’t know why, really. Just the way i feel.


I think they will be on par with c3 for best team.


Uhhh, wow. Seriously, the best use of Yuuki Slack and Tension Slack I’ve seen (duh, he’s Yuuki, but hey). Can’t say I’ve ever seen somebody sling around that Yuuki stuff like that, ever.

(SR) #8

See, this is another thing. Part of me feels like he’s going to be sponsored by someone soon but another part of me feels like he doesn’t want to be sponsored. It just seems like the trend lately, top level players opting to be unsponsored. It just seems like all the best players have dropped their sponsorships in the past couple of years. And I think it’s kind of to make a statement of sorts, that sponsorship is unnecessary, overhyped, and to be blunt, kind of stupid.

So, who knows, maybe he’ll get sponsored, maybe he won’t. But any company would kill to have him on their team, that’s for sure.

To me, C3 has some really good players like that Peter Pong kid for example but I wouldn’t consider them on par with CLYW or YYF just yet. Maybe in a couple years… maybe. For now I think YYF is just BARELY on top, and CLYW is catching up fast. C3 is a good third behind them.

But really though, it’s not like it matters. I don’t think anyone truly cares who has the best team or not. At least I don’t. I just think it’s interesting.



(Alex Fairhurst) #10

I predict Yuuki competing at worlds wearing a Caribou Lodge tee as the announcement.

(SR) #11

That would be cool.

Did he even compete last year… or the year before?


He won 1A at 2012 Cal States, and 2A at PNWR in 2012. That’s all I know of recently…