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How much info did you get from her?

I found out her real identity (Jenn) and her parents phone numbers. I tried calling them, but when I called I was told that the number was disconnected. I wasn’t able to follow up any more than that, because I’ve been at University, but after today I’m done, and I’m ready to reopen this case and get it resolved.

I talked to Jen today, and she told me that “Her brother Charlie used her account to scam everyone.” I’m very suspicious of this, since this information was already proved to be misleading. She wasn’t aware of anyone other than me being scammed, but she apologized and said that she would be sending my yo-yos back tomorrow, with tracking. I’ll let you guys know if I end up getting everything back, but regardless it looks like things are looking up. If any else of you would like to contact her, I posted her number earlier in this thread.

To anyone still following this,

YTCT102 (Jen) followed up, and sent my stuff back. I received everything back in perfect condition, and I encourage everyone else who was involved to text her, she was very easy to work with.