Beware of Yoswag!


Hello, as some of you might know, I posted a bst topic about me wanting to buy a peak. The member “yoswag” pm’ed me I have a levi painted Peak. I was interested so the deal kept on going. Now he insisted I ship first since I have no feedback, which is true, but I have been a member of the forum for much longer. His feedback was questionable, with only having two. He insisted I ship first, saying he has more feedback.

I shipped out the day after. By luck and very rare chance, customs sent my cheif back. Keep in mind that it is mint, and a birthday gift by a close friend. So I messaged him, letting him know what happened. He said Okay, ship it again with less packaging, etc. I kept it back for a few days because of the long weekend. On the other forum, I was searching through old peak thread for about the 50th or 60th time. I found a link to a blog by a member. He owned the exact peak that “yoswag” sent me pictures of. I contacted him, he has very good trustworthy feedback, and he said that the peak pictures were absolutely his. At this point, I got very angry and upset knowing I was in for a scam, but not that upset because it never happened. I contacted him with warning, and he responded back saying “He doesn’t have a camera, it is not a scam”. Now I tried contacting him and “yoswag” cannot be found.

Moral of the story here is proceed with caution if you happen to trade or buy from him. I can provide a name and address, because I am sure he will make a new account and try to scam someone else again. Now you might say, no harm no foul right? Well no because he can easily make a new account and scam someone else.


Okay thank you for knowing about the scammer


Anybody who uses “swag” is gonna be scum :stuck_out_tongue:


swag=stolen without any guilt

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You couldn’t find his profile, but after some searching, here it is. Do with it what you will.;u=22506


it appears he gave himself 2 feedback.

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How do you figure?

I mean it’s def suspicious (the feedback) but I’m just curious on how you came across this information.


The accounts were made very recently and they have little to no posts.


It wouldn’t suprise me if those are his own accounts. Just some more background, he lives in singapore. But you could probably tell by his account. Just another one of a thousand other scum who scam honest people. :-\

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I would still like to see proof. I mean you never know.

Maybe a mod can look into IP adresses and stuff.

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I almost traded with him as well for the same peak, he also insisted that i shipped first, I then questioned his feedback and i said he should ship first seeing as i have been around a long time and have 1 feedback from a credible member and he came back at me with fury and questioning how i would dare to question his feedback, but then after all this he messaged me a day or two later if i wanted the deal, seemed fishy from the start
Watch out for him


No credible seller would react to questions with fury. Beware.



we are talking one or two posts each profile. both HAPPEN to be posts giving yoswag positive feedback. eiether a friend doing his bidding or himself making multiple accouts. an ip check isnt sure fire, as he might have used a library or public computer to create the accounts.