Has anybody dealt with ddp352?

He has 3 out of 4 happy feedback. He said that he had 8 feedback before but forgot the password. Is he trustworthy?

Can’t find a member with a name like that. Did you type it correctly?

What was his old name?

I love that term “happy feedback.” I’m going to use that one. The negative feedback are “angry feedback.” They look like this. >:( But what will we call the neutral ones? :-\

I’ve never seen that username before.

Setting up a deal with him/her right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have a feeling this is the same guy that posted the picture of someone else’s CLYW collection not long ago, legit yoyoer or something like that.

His IP doesn’t track to that user. We are talking about ddp352 correct?

sorry. I did mistype it. He wants to ship same day if he sends pics of packing and a tracking number. his negative review wasn’t a scam, it was just poorly packaged so I don’t know why i’m getting sketchy vibes from him. It could be that he said that he was in a move and wanted the yoyos fast.

If he refuses to ship first even with me vouching for ya, that’s pretty sketchy then.

For me “sketchy vibes” would mean no deal. That’s just me.

Oh I traded with him. I got my summit from him. Gave me a great deal, and there weren’t any problems. Just my experience.

Okay. Don’t worry. The guy is totally legit. I get vibes that he might be pretty young which may explain why he seems sketchy. He shipped perfectly. everything was perfectly packed and well described.

Got my package from him and shipped my part today. Maybe doesn’t describe damage as well as I’d prefer(I don’t think he was trying to get over or anything), but overall a very good experience.

yes he actually lives in my town and I always meet up with him he is really nice. Also his account before got ban because his friend and my friend got grounded and people were shipping trades to him instaed of the kid that was grounded.

Nobody should ever trade with him again considering he scammed me. We were supposed to ship the same day but he kept having excuses for not shipping and then when he said he finally shipped it it ended up getting returned to him from tje post office but it took like 1.5 weeks to get back (way longer then what it normally takes) then when he did get it back he promised it would get shipped on a specific day but more things kept comming up. He said he finally shipped it but this was about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten it, I messaged him and he sweard he shipped it and I asked him if he had tracking and then he hadn’t replied. So yeah I wouldn’t trust him again