ok well I recently put my peak up on the bst and got a lot of offers. one offer was 280. so of course I went with it. It was from YTCT102. I then asked if he/she( profile says female, but shipping address says Charlie?) wanted to buy my Wooly Marmot and Peak for 350. without hesitation he said yes. then I asked if I could throw my Burnside in for 15 more bucks. again, he agreed without hesitation. he said he could only send the money by mail, in a box. normally I would say no, but 365 is a lot of money, so I couldn’t pass it up. he suggested that we ship at the same time. I reluctantly agreed. luckily, I wasn’t able to make it to the post office. on the 23rd I messaged him and asked if he had shipped. he said he’d ship it tomorrow before class. on the 24th I messaged him and asked if he had shipped. he sent me a tracking number. I checked on it, and it said it had been taken to the post office on the 23rd at 9am…in Amherst Massachusetts. that didn’t make sense to me because the address I was to ship to is in Ohio. when I asked, his answer was that he had to wire money to his dad who lived in Mass. because he owed him money, and he would ship the money to me. oh yeah, and the confusion with the dates was the time zone… later when I checked the tracking, it said it was processed through Cincinnati. when I asked, he said his dad must have shipped it to him by accident. he said he’d ship it out as soon as he got it. I said I wasn’t comfortable shipping my yoyos until I received the money. I didn’t hear back today, so I checked his profile and saw 1 feedback on his profile. sure enough it says he scammed someone for their peak. now I can’t message him. this could have ended badly for me, but I got lucky. here is his address.
Charlie Chae
102 Redwing Court
Clayton OH, 45315
I never thought I’d have to post in here. if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Scammed me outta me peak also. Dont trade with him

He just offered to trade his Clyw Chief an Canvas for my Sebby Peak. We came to and agreement and set a date for shipping. On the morning I was going to ship, he told me his little brother was using the throws and dinged them up. He said he’d feel bad continuing the trade. This was odd because he ha previously told me that they were already packaged up. So, I went to ask him what was up and I couldn’t message him. I didn’t ship out the Peak. I didn’t lose anything, but I feel like I avoided a possible scam.

Well, time to put my Peak back up on the BST…

He also offered me his chief and canvas!

Well he scammed me out of an arctic circle and wooly marmot, for an agreed price of 200 dollars. Seems like we’re all going to have to go to

Charlie Chae
102 Redwing Court
Clayton, Ohio

I went to send him a follow-up message, and it seems he’s deleted his account.

In my ten years as a yo-yo player, I’ve always found a certain solace in knowing that, generally, we have a higher standard in terms of respect for one another. I guess there are exceptions to every rule.
His number is 937-503-5091.


Just an fyi…

Looks like he/she marked the account for deletion.

So, what do you suggest we do?

I just sent him a text ill let u no if he texts back

wow, it seems like he got quite a few of you. sorry everyone. I found it weird that he had no feedback and very little posts for how long he was on the forums. at least there’s one more scammer gone from the community.

Paypal, Paypal, Paypal. Take the safest possible route in any situation. Think about it would you stuff hundreds of dollars in an envelope and cross your fingers.

he/ she sent me a message asking to trade a rare chief and canvas for a fools gold chief. I thought it sounded super wack, so i told them i checked out their bst, and it said the chief was traded already, so I told them no. Then they offered the same for my cascade. TRBL terrrrrible. man i hate people that do crap like this.
Sorry for your loss.

In the past, I have had some communication with the person who that account belongs to.  It was a female named Jenn, same last name as Charlie.  Jenn won a contest that I ran on the forum back in the Summer. One of the contest rules, was that the person had to be registered on tne forum for a specific period.  I did some basic research on the person’s past posts and found a Flickr account.  In that Flickr account was a photo of a small bearing Genesis.  I asked for YTCT102’s address to mail the contest prize, and also inquired if she wanted to sell me that Genesis (I own one and wanted another). After agreeing on a price for the Genesis, she never sent me her Paypal information to complete the deal. After inquiring about that information to close the deal, she stated that her parents were involved in a horrible car accident and she was not able to deal with the BST issues, but would be in contact. I never heard from her again about the deal, but saw her logged in on numerous occasions since then. I never forgot about the lack of deal follow through.

After reading these posts, I contacted the Clayton, Ohio police department.  I spoke to the Chief (must be a small department). He stated that you should report the crime in your area, and forward the report to him, so he can investigate. I have no doubt, that he will go to that address in a patrol car, or send an officer out, to speak to an adult on the premises.

My memory is that this person Jenn, posted about having a younger brother, who I am guessing this Charlie might be.  If I was you guys, I would report it to the police.  If this Police Chief gets reports from several people in different jurisdictions around the country, reporting fraud from this address, they will investigate, bundle it into one case against the offender(s) and take it from there. It seems like a small department, and they have plenty of time to visit that address.

You have nothing to lose in doing so.  Meanwhile, I will see what else I can find on this.


Looks like Charlie is her dog…you sent throws in the dog’s name:

Bet that’s her parents

may as well give them a call

dang… sounds fun.  Whose gonna call dibs?

nose goes. not it.

Not me o_O

just wondering was anything i this ever resolved?

Since you were the one scammed I’d think you would be giving the number a call. That or have your parents call and see if that’s the right person. If it is I’d have them explain the situation

Never, ever, under any circumstance, ship something out without being paid first. NEVER!

Literally every store in existence has this policy and it seems to work pretty good for them.

Hey Guys,

I was scammed by this girl for about 200 dollars worth of stuff. I did the same digging as everyone else, and I called the number… It was disconnected. I suppose I’ll call the police department. Is everyone else who was scammed by this girl willing to back me up?