Tommy-Tman issue...


So I traded my near mint (2 teeny tiny flatspots) gold Puffin for Tommy’s “One tiny pinprick” (I saw pics) 28s Summit. He later sent me another photo of a ding he found. I had no issue and said lets trade still. I had traded with him once before (Yeti for AA7) and he was AWESOME!!!

So, I got the summit thankfully, but it had almost 4 more dings, and 5 more flatspots, plus scratches and the engravings were messed up.

So, I casually contacted him, and he said “I never saw those, I usually don’t inspect my yoyos. I am not trying to scam anyone, I just used the info that the guy who sent it to me used.”

What the heck…


From what I have read you exchanged 2 pm’s total before coming to the rest of the forum. I think y’all could have come up with something in private before coming out here. If you want to keep the yoyo. Ask for some money as compensation. If you’re not happy trade back and leave the appropriate feedback (neutral/negative depending on how you feel)


This guy seems to have gotten out while the getting was good. I wouldn’t get involved with someone quitting BST.


He quit the forum so he cant give feedback or anything,. he owes me a Kitten Code 2, so a throw worth around $200 :confused:


I sent it to Nigeria and all I got was a Non Mint Summit