YoYoSkills.com Review | The YoYoJam H3X

Between Andre’s winning charisma and YoYoJams excellent design, the Dark Magic is considered to be a must have “staple” yo-yo for any yo-yo veterans collection.  If you search the forums looking at “What should I buy next?” threads, the Dark Magic is constantly recommended.  The Dark Magic is a classic, and a well-loved one at that.  YoYoJam has often moved to repeat the success of the Dark Magic with modernized takes on the classic design.  Yoyos such as the Meteor and the Trident were lauded for design and play-ability, but failed to capture heavy demand in an already crowded metal yo-yo marketplace.  This time YoYoJam and Andre Bouley bring us the latest spiritual successor to the Dark Magic, the H3X.   Pronounced “Hex”, this yo-yo takes everything you love about the Dark Magic, and modernizes it into an aluminum and titanium hybrid firmly set to make a mark in the yo-yo world.

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