Yoyoskills.com Edition Mini motu.

The Mini motu is, no dought one of the best yoyojams out there and I mean it. Mine is dead smooth with fast play and great grinds, and it was looking a little dull in my case with no caps and a cruddy paint job.
So I sanded the plastic to get the paint off and now it grinds even on your finger.
I also siliconed it so it gives unresponsiveness and sweet binds, And thanks to zdprojects cap making guide, I decided to make some new caps, and why not do yoyoskills.com logo. Yoyoskills always has the most up to date info on new releases and all kinds of contests and whatever is yoyo related. I always go there to see if a new yoyo comes out because I know it will be there, so I dedicated my mini motu to yoyoskills.

Here are some pictures.

Cool! I am might put the YoYoJam logo on my Dark Magic.

Nice little mod there! :smiley:

Nice. Looks awesome. But I think it’ll look better if you put the YoYoExpert logo. ;D

Quite honored,
Thank you. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Cool mod! :slight_smile:

Your welcome, and thanks for making yoyoskills a great website.