help plz read start it out!

:slight_smile: hi
help me out i got a hm hybrid
i want a new yoyo
u no somethin better please help!


Ok, you have too many posts on this subject. Wait until this evening when most people are on. Otherwise, ask the YoYoExpert.

dude u gotta stop postin this subject coz only the same pplz r gonna reply
just check it again 2moz ull get more answers by then

thanks man
soz it ma first time n it discussin it now
do u no anythin bout the mini motu
is it good?

Please stop asking the same question over and over again, the answer has not changed. If you want more opinions, wait until this afternoon when everyone is on. Also, please use just regular english when asking a question like this. Save the “l33t” speak for the spam threads.