mini mo-tu or mini mo-triX

what is the difference between these two yoyos
they look the same to me
and are these good pocket yoyos

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Yes they are good pocket yoyos. :slight_smile:

MoTu is slightly heavier by about 3 grams. Its also a little bigger in the terms of width, although though it is SMALLER than the Mini MoTrix in Diameter. The gap in the MiniMoTu is also a little Bigger. They both have double O-Rings and an adjustable gap.

If you ask me Id get the MiniMoTu, and infact I am getting one soon. :wink:

mini motu is like a small flat yoyo that is wider than the mini motrix the mini motrix is like a mini speeder. It is smaller in width and is bigger in diameter. motrix has less metal to it. They are both perfect pocket yoyos. I have a motu and take it everywhere

No they have the same mass.

Well, I think its gonna be pretty hard to get the MoTrixx. They are out of production. Anyway, I say go for the MoTu. They are pretty much the same, but the MoTu is available, and has more metal materiel to it.

samad im going to the sunshine kite shop and they are also available at YYN

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What style do you like? Grinds? Speed? Gap? Etc? I am playing the devil’s advocate and saying to get the Mini Motrixx. Why? Its a butterfly not H shape which personally allows an easier landing for the string. Though both are fine.

I like mini-motu better, it plays well at chopsticks, and it looks like SpinFactor or K-os.

Happy Throwing! =]