YYJ Mini Mo-Tu Review By: LazyThrower

Intro: Well, I have had this yoyo for a while and have never written a review, so I decided to write one. ;D I purchased this yoyo not knowing much about it. I was looking for a good pocket throw and just bought it.

Diameter- 1.91"
Width- 1.38"
Weight- 64 grams
Bearing Size- C
Response- Double O-Ring

First Impressions
I saw my package and immediately ripped it open with excitement. I took it out of the YYJ box, which I am a fan of, and held it in my hands. Man, this thing is small! :wink: Like really small, especially if you throw the Protostar alot. Quite a change.

First Throw
I threw the Mini Mo-Tu down and was about to bind it back up, but I was stopped short of my bind when it shot back to my hand. I realized that the bearing wasn’t broken in yet. (This was dumb on my part. :P) Anyways, I threw it down and I was impressed. It spun smooth, but even more amazing was the lack of YYJ vibe. This yoyo has absolutely no vibe whatsoever.

The Play
This thing is great! :smiley: It is quite responsive at first, but it doesn’t take long for the bearing to break in. What I did because I dislike the O-Ring response system, is that I replaced them with 888 size K pads. The Mini Mo-Tu performs awesome with the K pads installed. Much better than the O-Rings. The yoyo is undersized which is good for maneuvering skillfully between strings. The smallness of the yoyo, which reduces the gap size, rewards the accurate yoyoer. What I mean by this is if you can land a trick that requires precision string moving with this yoyo, then it will be easier to execute on a larger yoyo. The Mini Mo-Tu can handle multiple string layers quite well with the gap untightened a bit and with K pads. The Mini Mo-Tu does have a tendency to tilt sometimes during a trick. This yoyo can grind surprisingly well. I tried to do a finger grind just thinking it would spin for a second and then lose control, but to my surprise it grinded great. The metal rims allow for this. I am very impressed.

The Guts
Not really much to say here. The Mini Mo-Tu has a C size bearing and dual O-Ring response. The gap is adjustable also. That is pretty much it.

Final Thoughts
The Mini Mo-Tu rocks. Just put some K pads in and your set. This yoyo is my new pocket yoyo and it should be yours, too. For $40 it is a steal. I love this yoyo. I would recommend it to anyone who loves undersized throws. If your looking for a solid performing yoyo for your collection, this is it. :wink:

P.S. This is my first review. Constructive criticism is appreciated. I know there aren’t any pictures. So sorry about that. :-\ Well I hoped this was helpful. :wink:

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How exactly does it feel on a throw? Is it floaty? Finally, how does it perform during 5A play, ive been wanting a good 135 throw for some time now, also, the mini motu looks BEAUTIFUL! I’d get this as my next throw.


Ehh…3a doesn’t really matter.

The Mini Mo-Tu plays unique. It is floaty …in a way. Its not really floaty, and it does throw its weight around. Um, it is great for 1A. 3A, it could be your responsive yoyo for your non dominant hand if you keep the O-Rings and put some thick lube on the bearing. But alas, I don’t really throw any 3A, but due to the small gap it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for 3A. It seems harder to control two yoyos spinning simultaneously so a yoyo with a bigger gap would be more forgiving on a slight mistake. I have heard some pretty good things about the Sigma Blade Zwei as it was designed for 3A. It also has the O-Rings so you could put K pads in it also. For 5A, the Mini Mo-Tu is a solid player. But again the small gap is a pro and a con. Again, it rewards the more accurate thrower. Hope this helped. :wink:

My Mini-Motu is too responsive in string tricks for me. So thanks, I will buy some K-Pads for it. And by the way, great review. Especially for a first.

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Yeah, I also suggest that you look into a Center Trac bearing. I used this in my Mini Mo-Tu one time and it helped it become less responsive. I just use the the YYJ bearing now. :wink: Thanks for the compliment on my review. Glad it helped. :wink:

I love my motu! Mine is also verrry smooth with little to no vibe at all. It is a small yoyo and you can feel that it needs more accuracy to land the hard combos with hops and speed, but I love it. It has a decent irg too. In fact, silicone is curing in it right now!

If you want a fully unresponsive MoTu

  • use silicone K-Pads (or just silicone it)
  • use a cleaned KK bearing
  • use 2 big shims

With this config my MoTu is unresponsive as hell! All multilayer string tricks are working perfectly!
There’s only one con (but it’s the same for all YYJ plastic/metal combo’s):
It’s extremely loud with a clean bearing!