The MoTu Review!

I have had the motu for a couple of weeks now and thought I do my very first review ever!

Thanks to YYN

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 66.90
Width (mm) 35.32
Diameter (mm) 48.87
Gap Width (mm) 3.83
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 6x13x5
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response System YYJ Double O-Ring

The signature yoyo of Mo Chavez. When I got I’m like “Whoah! This thing is TINY!” but after a couple of throw I got used to the size. Since I’m talking about throws it takes about 2 hours of non-stop throwing to break it in since it comes responsive out of the box. Since this yo is so tiny I can take it everywhere and yo where ever I want since it fits in my pocket. Also since it is so small it is extremely good for chopsticks if you have small hands like me. The gap is adjustable so when you screw all the way without cranking it the gap is pretty small so just adjust it. The bearing is big so it sleeps forever! I got a 3:30 second sleeper with it. It is actually pretty smooth too! I took off the caps and it looked like it wasn’t even spinning on a good,strong throw. I know there isn’t as much recogniton about it but in my opinion I think it is better than the Hitman,Legacy and Jamboo. The double o-rings are great for you if thats what you prefer! Mo and YYJ did a good job with this yo!! Hope you like my first review!


Great review! Keep it up!

wow! great review. I see you have switched to your original avatar again and changed your name.

Thanks guys! I thought it was bad because it was short unlike most of them and yes I changed my name from littleyoyo12.