Journey Review

Manufacturer  YoYoJam 
Shape  Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g)  61.20 
Width (mm)  42.47 
Diameter (mm)  57.35 
Gap Width (mm)  3.43 
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)  .250 x .500 x .187 in 
Gap Type  Adjustable 
Stock Response System  YYJ Double O-Ring

Double O Ring Reponse:
Pro:  Great response for beginners and experts.  BEginners can easily make this yo-yo return to the hand with a tug.  Experts can easily perform tight binds or replace it with silicone.

Con:  isn’t that great for fake binds which some people prefer over normal binds.  This reposnse combined with the adjustable gap only works well with strong throw, which newbies tend to lack.

Plastic Body:
Pro:  Durable and Resistant so you don’t go crying when you have a scratch.  ALso won’t rip your head off if you get hit.

Con:  Barely pulls off grinds and doesn’t provide long spin times as Bi-Metals or All Metals.

“Wing” Shape:
Pro:  Fits nicely into the hand and makes landing on the string a breeze.

Con:Can’t think of one for now.

Pro:  Flat rims for easy snap starts.

Con:  WEight isn’t specifically set on the rims which doesn’t provide that long of spin times.

Size C Bearing:

Pro: Brings wide gap to help string landing.  Can also be replaced with YYJ’s SPEED Bearing.

Con:  Isn’t fit in tightly which brings the “YYJ Vibe”

Final Thoughts:
The Journey is a great beginners yoyo featuring wide gap, and great response.  Personally, even though the Journey is a great 1A beginners yoyo, this baby is pure beauty for Offstring.  You can land it easily and has dfevenct spin for offstring.  Anyway you use it, hoever, this yo-yo will play!
Still not convinced of the Journey’s playability?

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Good Review Thanks

Overall, this review is good but let me suggest some ways to improve it.

  1. I feel you should try not to put in your preferences as each individual has different preferences.
  2. I feel that you should try to describe the yoyo but not the string as I think each yoyo may have different types of strings.
  3. The Journey has an adjustable gap, so please describe whether it is the tightest gap possible or tell us the approximate number of rounds that you unscrewed it for.
    That’s all for now! I hope to see more reviews from you, AeroSlaYa! :smiley:

The Journey adjustable gab is awesome when getting into more advance string trick, though thin lube is a must. When completely tighten the yoyo is very responsive and with a couple of twist & lube the yoyo is ready for the next stage of play. Binding is pretty easy with the double O ring and I recommend this YOYO for anyone who has a small budget and but want a cool yoyo to play with

i tried to fix this review along with my velocity review. comments appreciated

Hmmm I thought that a review was your opinion on a yoyo an played for you. Maybe not. I guess you only need the specs then.

Anyways, I liked the review. Good video too! :smiley:

Nothing wrong in including your preferences in a review. As long as you mention that it is something individual.

If you say “I hate this thing, it’s too small, don’t buy it” then it’s not ok. You can try to say “This yoyo is a bit small for my tastes, but I know that this is a turn-on for many people)”.

Addment: I couldn’t find much bias in that review, it was pretty solid if you ask me.

solid review, no bias which is good, is that you in the video, if it’s you, YOUR AWESOME!!!


lol no i’m not nearly as good thanx though.

Wow i saw like really deep detail in that but dont forget about some of the general things like play, grinding, feels ect.

Dude, stop. Stop bringing up old posts. It clutters the boards. Your comments are not needed because the review is 4 1/2 months old. There is a reason that the website stops you from posting right away in a thread over 30 days old.