hey guys,
i have been thinking about my next yoyo. I am really considering a Mini-Motu. Should I get it? Does anybode have a mini-Motu? if so, what do you think? would you recommend it?
Thanks guys!
Titanium221 8)

I think it’s great!

Yes! Go for it!

Definetly worth the money. :wink:

At this point, I would go for a metal.

Yeah a metal is always a good choice. You’d probably think that there’s no need to buy them since they’re expensive and you can do all tricks on a metal-rimmed, but the feel and smoothness of a metal is just overwhelming.

One cannot say that the MoTu is a really bad player though, it will be a good addition to your collection, but you should consider a metal, especially with all the low-price metals out there.

I am interested in the Motu as well. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I love undersized yoyos. If I recall, I don’t think it’s a typical ‘C’ sized bearing, anyone know for sure?

Yeah, get a FundaMETAL or M1.
Great players for a low price :slight_smile:

It is a large bearing. (Like in the M1, DNA, KickSide, etc…)

Ive played with a few metals… My friend Joseph can barely do a mach 5 and he went out and bought a DNA!!! it broke my heart to see a knotted ratty string on that DNA. HE WALKED THE DOG WITH HIS OWN DNA!!! But he let me throw it 3 times. It was amazing.

Spoiled kids…

Same with my friends… :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to love my minimotu.

Its a very smooth player, and has a nice rounded feel in the hand that makes throwing it feel nice, and grinds come quite well.

Its certainly a yoyo that everyone should at least try, due to its unique shape and size.

Its a very fun yoyo to throw around.

I would say that getting one would be a good choice :slight_smile:


Definetly go for it. It’s a great yoyo I really like the size and the thumb grinds are really good, It’s all around a great yoyo. :wink:

Do you want it for your collection purposes, or do you want a good player?