Mini Motu?

Hey i am an advanced player and after my new breed gets boring,( in like 2 months ) in advance should i get the mini motu or is it bad??? Is it unressposnive? good for slack? whips? sucides? grinds? ( i am not a big grinder myslef ) so if you can leave a reply and let me know your opion on the yoyo


Do you like small yoyos?
Besides that it is pretty good for suicides… maybe.
for whips YES!!!
And it spins a decent time too.

I would recommend it.

Hope this helped!

The Mini Motu is one of my favorite Yo’s. It’s in my pocket nearly all the time! ;D
I use it with a KK bearing, big shims and silicone O-Rings and it’s fantastic! Dead unresponsive, perfect for slack’s and whip’s and it sleeps for ages! With the KK bearing the suicides get’s a bit more tricky and you can forget grinds … .even thumbgrinds are nearly impossible at this size (at least for my thick thumbs ;))

I definitely recommend it…get it and you’ll love it! 8)

Yup, it’s good. Why would you get bored with your New Breed when it seems like you don’t even have it yet or just recently got it?

if you get this yoyo get shims with it cuz its sick

Not to single you out, yoyokid, but some people actually hate using shims because they think it messes with the play of the yoyo or various other reasons…