OK so im just about to get a protostar to help my game, what do you guys think would be a good next yoyo to help improve my game in the price range of 40- 70$.

Just so you know, buying a new yoyo isn’t going to improve your game. It could make you enjoy throwing more, but not make you a better yoyoer. I, and just about everyone on here could do all of their most complicated, and difficult tricks on a protostar with just as much effort as we would on a high end metal yoyo.

Do what grandma says ;D

Work on you. No yoyo is going to make you better. I can kick some good beep wiyh my Duncan drifter or a code 2. Different yoyos only look, feel, and some spin longer but if your skill is not there, it’s not going to matter. I only buy yoyos for width, shape, and colorwa. Other then that, it’s up to me.

i agree with grandma and ghost, but a yyf dv888 will carry you a long way in your yoyoing journey.

I picked up my old dark magic yesterday for the first time in like a year and played with it and I could do all of my tricks which aren’t exactly simple. Just goes to show that you don’t need an expensive metal to do crazy awesome tricks with. Nice to have, although not completely necessary. I would reccomend a Dv888 or protostar.

Do you want a all metal yoyo?