Looking for the "next step"

i’m yoyoing for like 2 months not all the time i could throw but any ways ^^
i have now protostar and the latest trick i have learned was kwijibo and cold fusion
now i wanna know what is the next yoyo i can buy…
i think it should be metal but u guys will tell me :slight_smile: i hope at least…
so if u have some god yoyos to recommand for my “next step” so please write it down in here :slight_smile:
and if u have some advices of which trick should i learn now or i must to learn please write it down too
Good Day! or Night!

I think a protostar should be good enough. I’m done with the tricks on here and far past it, but i still use a protostar frequently. But if you want something new, invest in something good.

Yeah if you want to upgrade from a protostar you might as well get something expensive because play wise it won’t get much better I recommend a side effect yoyo and as many extra side effects as possible because then you can change that yoyo as often as you want and not have to pay as much for a “new” yoyo

The Protostar is really good and will last you a good long time. You already paid a lot for shipping, do you really want to do that again? I remember advising you and you finally deciding on the Protostar. I though it was longer than that. Either way, congratulations on your progress, you’re way past me and my pathetic McBride’s Roller Coaster.

No need for upgrading at this point. Invest in strings is all you need to do. I’m saying this because for you, this is especially expensive and I remember your family being pretty much against this whole thing in the first place.

I will say this: if you’re going to go metal and expensive though, DO honestly take your time and thoroughly evaluate your options and watch your budget and currency exchange rates. But don’t equate dollar value to “better”. Keep in mind it’s all abut preferences.

Still, the Protostar is an amazing yoyo for the money. It’s durable, comfortable, stable, reliable and spins amazing. There’s no valid reason to upgrade yet.

Too bad you aren’t anywhere where I live. I’d let you try anything in my collection!

Good to see you again studio :slight_smile:
and thanks for the commants every one
so as i understand i dont have any need in a new yoyo
may lack of experiens with other yoyo’s is conusing
idont know what the feeling of a metal yoyo and if it’s change for any better
so if u all says that i dont have to move on so i wont but i will want a new throw in the future just for fun
any suggestions?

I think this page is current. Browse and ask questions. It’s an inventory page, kind of a boring read.


And yes, lack of experience quickly makes this confusing. I still don’t think you need to upgrade, but if you do, metal is the only choice and I think the ILYY VOID might be a good affordable choice based on size and weight.