The Next YoYO out there??

Alright. i’ve been into yo-yoing for quite a while now and i’m thinking of a new one. i already have got some good tricks down (double or nothing, The matrix) and now im i want to know what yoyo should i get that will last long, at avergae 30 to 50 dollar price and that is good for the intermediate to master level where i can learn and master all my tricks. :slight_smile:

Whatever yoyo you are using should keep you held over for a long time.

It says that your favorite yoyo’s are Northstar and Dv888. If that means you have those yoyo’s, you don’t need any new yoyo to make progress. If you don’t have any of those, well - they are your favorites, so why not get one of those?

But yeah, as Q also mentioned, you can probably do alot more with the yoyo you have now. But offcourse, if you want a new yoyo - i can’t blame you, I get that feeling myself now and then. Nothing wrong with having a few different throws in your collection.

Depending on what yoyo you have now, I would say - try get something different. Meaning, if you have a normal sized yoyo, consider getting an undersized yoyo. I remember having problems hitting spirit bomb with my Dark Magic, but found it much easier with Dv888 because it’s smaller. After learning the trick with the dv888 - I had no problems doing it with the DM. So I’ve found it very helpfull to have a few different throws.

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I would look into the hit man pro