yoyos that should make a come back........

what yoyos do you think should come back?

i think the sigma blade zuei should be remade.
im a big fan of it.its my first 3a throw.
i would love a sigma blade with a solid spin axle,newer shape,
koncave bearing,and more.

i always wanted to get a YYF big deal. the mighty flea with hubstacks.

So… you want a Sigma, but you don’t?

I love my sigma blade zweis. they’re great yoyos. but a lot of other things I don’t really think should be brought back. like the aquarius… it’s kinda overrated if you ask me. mine snags almost more than my big yo.
haven’t actually used sunset trajectories, but I’ve heard great things about them. and I know they’re the only thing grant uses for looping.

kind of what they did with the hit man pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think all yoyos should come back.

Tug or bind, doesn’t matter. Just come back!

But in all seriousness, I think anything that is a good design will somehow make its way back.

I think one that won’t is the first run Peaks. From what I hear, those were THE yoyo to get. It’s before I got into yoyos(May 2011). Sometimes, good things just go away.

Stryker from SPYY with extra colorways. I’d love one in a Canadian red and white

I also think the Madhouse Lucky 7 and Epic need to be redone. I’d love an epic with Orange/red body and black stacks

I found a wooden duncan yoyo in my grandfather’s attic from the 70’s or the 80’s.

I can honestly say that this yoyo out loops and out sleeps every other fixed axle I’ve ever played with. These new duncan wooden yoyos just aren’t up to par.

If the older version of duncan’s wooden yoyos (and for that matter, their 90’s design plastic imperial. MUCH better than the current design), I’d but hundreds of 'em.

I want a grindmachine 2 comeback. I tried shane karans and it played much better than any hubstacked genesis i have

-The Yoyojam Black Nova. That would make me a extremely happy yoyoer since it was and still is one of my most favored yoyos.

-Onedrops previous yoyos like the first edition Project, project 2 and Y-factor. I missed out on them so I wish I could get them again.

-Duncan freehand ones. Not the Zeros…THE ONES.


We should move along… ;D

But I still want a YYJ HG yoyos

Y-Factor, Envy 64, Pyro, and the Crucial delrins.

Who wouldn’t want the peak to come back? So much hype, and I haven’t gotten to try one. But I guess that’s what the BST is for…

HG, Motrixx, Zwei, TFL. no one really seems to like the tfl anymore.

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So… you want a Sigma, but you don’t?

I’ve always wanted to have a YYJ K-OS. But probably won’t be made until the war in Afghanistan is over. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes… i want a sigma but i dont. happy?

Yeah the K-OS looks awesome! I really want one