Long-Living Yo-yo's

So this past weekend I was using my old Triple Jam Yo-yo from YoyoJam, a triple signature series yo-yo for Hiroyuki Suzuki, Ben Conde and I, and I realized how much I loved this yo-yo. Too bad it is no longer produced.

What are yo-yo’s that are no longer made that you guys absolutely miss?

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I kinda wish I bought the Black Gold or K-OS a few years black instead of the Duncan Bumble Bee. Every time I see the Black Gold I always regret not getting it. The K-OS I tried a while ago and absolutely loved it! Too bad the cost of the HG material rose, I would have 4 or 5 of each in my case.

None that I am aware of. I bought some yoyos from youa while back, and one was a Lyn Fury, pre Solid Spin axle. Prior to that, I already had a Lyn Fury(still have it), a current model. The difference I notice is the upgrade of the Solid Spin axle.

I understand sometimes the need to phase out stuff. However, sometimes good stuff needs to be kept in production but maybe with some minor improvements. Perhaps you have some pull with YYJ, being a sponsored player and all, plus this is a throw you have your name attached to. Maybe a few simple tweaks to it and release it as another signature yoyo?

I was always curious about the jamboo. The wood yoyo from yyj. I heard it was pretty good. I like to see a new run of that. Maybe with the new system put in somehow. Wooden yoyos fascinate me.

i always wanted a k os but i started yoyoing a year after they stopped producing Hg yoyos if yoyojam came out with another Hg series no matter the price i would get one in a heartbeat

Luchador, Big Brother Bully, Triple Jam, SFHG and the whole Buzz-On line!

the yyj aquarius i have 2 right now but would like some more if i were to compete in 4a

Noctu… :frowning:

wasabi and rocket :’(

Metal zero gen 2…

Trvth, Noctu, and most of all…09’ Severe.

I wish they still made undersized Noctu’s. The full-sized one’s play a little better, but the feel’s completely different. Still haven’t played a Trvth, so I definitely wish there were more of those around.

I wish there were more Catch22’s around as well, but I don’t think that’s really the same question the OP asked.

I loved the Trvth. It was the best pocket throw I’ve ever had and it improved my play tremendously. All around a great yoyo. Unfortunately I had to sell it shortly after I got it due to financial issues.

It’s in the hands of a good collector now though, and that makes me happy enough.

I thought the OP was referring to yoyo’s “no longer being made that you miss”.

I’d like to see a new Jamboo. I love mine!

I think a new run of Peaks would be great as well.

Yeah, I guess just because the C22 was one of those high-class, limited-edition throws, and not something that had been continually produced and then cut-off, I just think it fits into a different category. But idnno, and either way I wish they were a more common sight on the BST.

Can I ask you though, how was the sleeptime on the Trvth? Like, I assume it can hold its own, but if you keep it upright, does it have the ability to sleep through long combos?


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Not really any that I ever had. Well I’ve never really traded away a yoyo. But I don’t really have any that aren’t being made anymore. There are a couple that I’ve always wanted to have or try. I wanted the Sunset Trajectory because I think I would really like it for 2A. And after seeing Mr. Yoyo trader’s post on Buzz-on I would really like to get my hands on a couple of those.

The Trvth is just as effective at long, intricate combo’s as any other high end metal. I really didn’t find it hard to adjust to it’s width and uninviting catch zone (I say uninviting because it doesn’t slip the string into the gap as easily as say a …Phenom or even a Marmot).

I didn’t have much of an issue, but most people might. I like to challenge myself and will often throw a Raider, No Jive, stock FHZ, etc; like a normal 1a yoyo to keep myself honest. The Trvth is a lot easier to hit the string with than the previously mentioned yoyo’s…less the FHZ but about equal I’d say.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Trvth was the stock response. Binds were incredibly slippy but it was obviously an easy fix. Also the engravings on mine started to fade from carrying it in my jeans pocket.

I am surprised not a single person has said a yoyo that deserves to be reproduced but no longer can due to the mold that broke so many years ago.

The Duncan Freehand One. The original yellow, red and blue with white caps.

The classic. The King. Forever.


Buzzon and yyj HG throws.