Yoyos similar to cliff?

I’ve had my cliff for about a month now and I love my Cliff and I was wondering if There is anything similar in size and play because i think ive come fond of the size I’d just like for oversized throws (excluding Big Yo)

mOSTLY Want the size tho or ill just get another one off a place that just stocked cliffs…

has a close feel.
Less light though

GE just has a shape.
But. play isnt similar

c3/clyw h5xcheif is oversize and mix of two yoyos the c3 h5 and clyw chief In one great package.

I’ve heard Werrd Sentinel is similar.
I haven’t tried a Cliff myself, but i own a Sentinel and it’s big, floaty and nimble. And stable.

Slusny NEst, also designed by Petr Kavka. Really close in size, little different feel, but plays great, I even like it more than Cliff.

YYR Dreadnought is about the same size. Plays a lot quicker and with less float though.


I was about to say this. While I’ve never played them, they both look similar, especially considering Petr Kavka designed both.

Haha right after I posted this I realized I had forgot about the Nest :smiley: I think its kinda funny how much he influenced the design its almost like another signature throw