undersized cliff???

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It might be nice but the gap on the middle would be to small to fit your finger in.

True but it could work

So, not a Cliff.

Something the size of the Gnarwhal with the Gnarwhal catch zone (It’s so comfortable) and the hub on the Cliff would be sweet. Only if they put Petr’s name on it.

It would be called

The Hill

You mean a Glacier Express ;D

It’s relatively undersized.

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I think the Cliff is great the way it is not to be rude but it was designed to Petr’s style so it need no changing 8)

Some people have this problem already on Cliff. :slight_smile:


The Cliff is a very good yoyo, even in stock form. The shape does does provide an uncomfortable shape.  But it primarily depends on how the yoyo is caught and/or the actual hand size the guys catching it.

Not sure a scaled down version could /would provide the same kind of fun factor or level of performance?

I cut mine up to make it more comfortable for me.

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I wish is what like you shape you made it with added weight somewhere else!

what are you trying to say? ???


He has a glacier express. I think hes talking about something like the dofference with a sasquatch and gnarwhal, same yoyo except way smaller. Were talking bout 51- mm.

It would be hard to make an undersized double rim throw (that’s effective) that doesn’t look like a Glacier Express. The catch zone on the Cliff slopes downward, and that wouldn’t be possible on an undersized yoyo. Therefore, it has to be sort of flat, like a Glacier Express.

I just love the catch zone on the gnarwhal. Put that on anything and it’s a keeper.

wanna buy one? lol

Just sold mine!



What can I say? I needed the money and I’m not letting go of any of my YYR.

I’m sure ratfacedudeguy can sympathize with that.