Cotton Candy Dream Summit


Can someone please show me what the Cotton Candy Dream colorway looks like? I see that this is an option and I might like it based on its description and can’t find a pic of it anywhere. Thank You


Google clyw delirium dive, it’s the same colorway. :wink:


Its its a pink and silver acid wash with a really light blue splash. Like ice blue. If you go to onedrops Facebook it will have a pic of it. Go check it out. Pretty cool looking.


it isn’t the same as delirium dive. This splash is way lighter of a blue. Go check the pic out and judge for yourself.


I see what you mean, was getting it mixed up with the deliriums already out, thanks.


Found it. Wow it is really nice. :slight_smile:


Ya judging by the description you would think it is the same as the D.D. they need to get a pic up so people know what it looks like. Ya its really cool looking.


The One Drop Flickr is your friend. There are many picks that pop up there before anywhere else.


I would love to get a Cliff in that Colorway.

And I would turn it into a shaved down Cliff Dweller in 30 minutes.

That Colorway sure looks great on the Summit shape.


I was thinking the same thing… as for the Cliff Dweller in not sure what that is lol. Is that when you shave down the catch zone rim things? Seen someone do that to fix the finger busters. Is it really that bad just the way it is? I been on the fence with getting one for a while


Correct… I shave away about .060/approx. off each half. It opens the gap up an 1/8th of an inch. But obviously reduces the weight down from about 67 to 64 grams. My first Cliff had a kind a come back hard attitude and Hammered me pretty good, several times.

Being kind of a modder of things, I was compelled to cut my Cliff up so I might either: like it even better or have some Aluminum for the recycling bin. I knew there was a decent chance that I would ruin the power and stability that Chris designed into the yoyo. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

First I changed the response system… Then I changed the bearing style… Then I changes the string type several times. I went out of my way to work with it in ‘stock yoyo shape’. Over a week or two, I threw it for awhile every day. Smack, Whack with a few bonus bad binds and my middle finger joint started hating me.

I did not just cut each side the whole amount, all in one session. I would shave back 10 thousanths and then reassemble the yoyo and throw it for awhile. Then repeat that processes until I was happy. < I only wanted to cut back enough so my finger would fit into the gap; no more. (Remember, I had to keep the final reduced weight in mind).

Please understand that the stock shape of the Cliff will give some people no problems at all. If the thrower has smaller/thinner hands than mine, his finger may fall right into the gap without ‘edge impact’. If the thrower has much larger hands than mine, his middle finger joint will most likely bridge those inner edges.
… It is actually possible that if I did this mod for somebody with large hands, it might actually have a negative effect by opening the gap enough to allow their finger to get smacked.

There is a old saying, ‘I’d rather be lucky than good any day’. < because when somebody is just ‘good’ they can have a Bad day. But when somebody is lucky, they can be lucky every day of their life.

I am pretty handy at cutting up yoyos, but on the Cliff mod, no doubt some good luck blended right into the mix.

The Cliff Dweller plays much faster now. Nobody ever said it was designed to be a Speed machine in stock form. The Cliff is a medium speed yoyo. The cut down version makes the yoyo ‘faster’.

A few days ago I got a Harrison Hurricane Cliff in the mail. I wanted to throw one, then the other. To see how they compared? I made some adjustments to my hand/fingers positions, cupping my hand more on the returns to spread out the impact on returns. Better.

But I am so used to the faster version, I just favor the modded version(for me).

In general, I don’t usually care for full size yoyos. The Cliff is an exception. Seems to be a pretty under rated yoyo.

I will post pics of the Cliff, before and after the mod is completed.

PS. The Cliff(size-wise) is an exception to me. Unlike a lot of you guys, I do not care at all for the Chief. But I really like the: Avalanche, the Gnarwhal, the Puffin, the Original BVM, the Wooly Marmot and the Arctic Circle. So, as Studio says about once a week, it’s all about preferences.


I hope you ended up getting one cause there gone now. Im sure this thread didn’t help the prolonging of availability lol. I bought one cause of it.


Yeah I saw pictures if I’m correct it was ninja hurdles right? It looks awesome! I on the other hand don’t have problems with the catch zone due to my small hands but wouldn’t mind a smaller gap. If I ever get a new Cliff ill have to have you mod my 28 Stories for me :slight_smile: