yoyos out of...tomato sauce cans!

i just came up with a brilliant idea, to make a yo yo out of two tomato sauce cans. i will take the cans and cut off most of it. then i will cut out two triangles from each one and torch it together. that’ll make the wing shape. then using the stuff i cut off i will make a circle to cover the other end of the yo yo half. but before i put that on i must fill all the corners with silicone to make it heavier and more balanced. then on the circle i made i will make a hole that perfectly fits a nut. then i will super glue the nut to it, and then i will super glue the circle to the half. then using a small metal rod cut to the size i want for my axle, i will use some tool i have no idea what its name is(we all have some tools like this also :wink: ) to make those grooves that a screw has. then i will screw it in the gap. make another half in the same process. get a thick washer or any bearing and put it on the axle. then screw the other half of the yoyo on.

brilliant eh, i am a pure genius…in some ways ;D.

no comments :’(

Ummmm… It might work, but I honestly don’t think it will. But It would be cool if you proved me wrong :).

The screw tools are called taps (inside) and dies (outside).
Also, get these things called nylon lock nuts rather than super glue.
Can’t wait to see it

I sure hope this is a joke.

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It actually sounds pretty cool but I have high doubts.

Well at least you thought of the Idea it might work it might not work… kinda like the Wright Brothers everyone thought it wouldnt work but look at the world now… airplanes are really important for traveling!


That sounds really awesome, just be careful!! cans are sharp!!

i know it’ll be fun… to use and make, i think lock nuts will work good but it’ll be hard to lake the axle off again. i put the instructions so other people can make it too and they can make slight changes. so we’ll see who’s turned out best. and that way we’ll know the best way. try it… I’m going to myself. :slight_smile:

Good Luck I hope it works… and sure what the hey… Ill try it too!

great wooooooooooooooooh ;D ;D ;D ;D

I’m gonna make a modified gap yo-yo out of two tuna cans… It just sounds a lot easier to me ;D

i had to change my plans… it will look more like the custom yoyo brand yoyos. i think it will now be a looper. and i also need a new idea for an axle. ???

A yoyo made out of tomato sauce cans and super glue? Sounds like a new main player :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m done just need cameras for pics

nice. how long did it take

30 minutes i need an axle but

Does it half way work?

This is interesting. I wanna see it now. :wink: