Yoyos like Top Deck


I’ve recently returned to yoyos after an 18 year break and I just found my current favorite, the OD Top Deck. I’m wondering, does anyone know of any other models that feel similar to the Top Deck or is it unique?


It’s pretty unique - that combination of incredible rim weight while not sacrificing maneuverability is hard to come by; it also feels way lighter on the string than it actually is. The yoyo that comes closest in my experience is the One Drop Citizen, but those are really hard to find. Enjoy that Top Deck!


Top Deck is one of my favorites! You might not find anything with quite the same feel, but there a few that that come to mind with some similar attributes. Check out the YYF Ex-Machina, CLYW Snow Lzzard, & YOYOFFICER Urban.


Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ve had both the Citizen (which I can’t find) and the Snow Lzzard on my wish list. I’ll definitely look at your other recommendations.


Ex machina is great I have 2 for 3a yoyoing


I think you’ll also like the YYF The Edge


I got an Edge and I do love it (its so stable and can move as fast as I want) but I still love my TopDeck more. I’m wondering if anyone has opinions on the Prescription. The shape is similar to the TopDeck and the Cascade. How does it play?