Yo-yos that play like a Prescription

(Cruz Quintana ) #1

Which yo-yos play like the OneDrop Prescription? It’s one of my favorite feels, so name any you think feel like the Prescription in replies and help me out. Thanks yall

(Logan M) #2

I know the Top-Deck plays somewhat like the Perscription, but not a lot. I would guess the Cascade plays like it because of their similar shape, but I’ve never had or played with a Cascade. Sorry I couldn’t be more help I just thought I would share my thoughts on the matter. Hope you find something!


I’ve always wanted a prescription. Never pulled the the trigger though…

({John15}) #4

Top Deck is waaaay different… It feels noticeably more powerful and stable. But @HotcakesTheMemeGod, if you don’t own a Top Deck, you will not be disappointed. It is in their top 5 best models (imo)


Closest I’ve experienced is the CLYW Wooly Marmot 2

(Logan M) #6

I see what you mean, I have a Top Deck, but I only got to play with the prescription for a few minutes at the OD shop, so I was mostly comparing the Top Deck to the shape of the prescription so thanks for giving your thoughts on that. I see where you’re coming from though because the Top Deck is 7075, whereas prescription is 6061 right? And of course their shapes are quite a bit different.

(Peng-An Ang) #7

The onedrop cascade looks pretty similar and they have pretty similar specs also.


prescription is based off cascade


I wish I could help, but, as much as I love my Prescription, I’m hard pressed to find anything I’ve played that is similar. I grabbed a couple of the organics I have and threw the same combo with them as the Prescription. Here are my low resolution thoughts on each compared to Prescription:
Markmont Classic - more relaxed, floatier
Spintime Matador - faster, more nimble, more stable
44 RPM Blues(with wood inserts) - slower, even more relaxed feeling than Markmont Classic.

Probably not very helpful, but, the intangible feeling was the MC wanted to hang in the air, the Matador would have been happy going at 2-3x the speed (it plays very light), if the Blues could talk, it may have said “What’s the rush?”


A Cascade feels a lot like a prescription. The G2 Wolf also feels similar imo.


I have never played a Prescription, but my 5150 came in a pill bottle with a prescription to play yo-yo, so maybe ??
Good medicine back in '08 !