One Drop Prescription Review



Hi.  I just saw my reply was one of the posts lost when they needed to roll back the forum to the last back up.

I wanted to thank you for a great Prescription review, and to point out your review made the advantage of the Side Effect system crystal clear.  You like the Prescription most with the ultra lights, I seem to prefer mine with Spikes.    The whole idea of being able to fiddle with the center weight of a yoyo is just plain cool.

Keep on enjoying it.  Just so you don’t think the Prescription is unworthy of competition, here is One Drop team member Matthew Giroux’s first place freestyle from the 1A Sport Division at MA State Yoyo Contest:



Found the shape and cup interesting. Does the OD Prescription play like the OD Top Deck?


I LOVE my Prescription! I’ve been whittling my collection down all year, had pretty much every One Drop made, still have a bunch of my favorites that I kept, but the Rx is way up on the list of my favorite yoyos that OD has made.

I have a nickel version, and it has ultralights and a DS Platinum bearing.