Thoughts on OD Prescription, please

I really like the look of the Prescription and I am cosidering getting one.

Any people here who have used it that wouldn’t mind giving me their opinion of it?

I really like it, the flow groove response pads need a break in since they are really grabby from the start. Very comfortable in the hand, stable throw. Not too heavy nor light weight on the string.


That is amazing looking in this pic… for some reason I didn’t think the prescription looked like this.

Serious quality throw! Not the most stable, but to me that adds to the enjoyability. I think it deserves a place in every collection. I can try to answer any other questions you’ve got

Not that I’m doubting you but I thought it was pretty darn stable what are you comparing it to out? I’m pretty new to this but so far it’s been a solid throw and pretty forgiving for me but hey everyone is different


It is one of my favorites for sure but I have also found it to not be as stable as some, i.e. Top Deck, Shutter, and Code 1 just to name a few. As I said though it is still one of my all around favorites, I throw it every day.
Very smooth yoyo, super floaty and can be pushed to some high speed but not the best for speed. Hope this helps!

Cool I definitely I agree with that, I’ll look into the others you named, I already have the shutter.


Not a huge fan, the walls just feel high to me and it kind of goes off axis due to that. I have a NQP pink scrubs for sale if interested

I have never been one to change out the ten ball flat out of my One Drop yoyos, but the stability was not as good as thought it would be. I put a concave bearing into it and it made a huge difference in its stability.

Stability doesn’t bother me too much. From the look of it, the Prescription would play very smooth and flowy. Is this correct?

Yes it is smooth, and I have also tried a KK bearing either way it’s enjoyable


Yes but more nimble and manueverable than most other flowy throws

I love the OD Prescription. Mine has a Konkave in place of the 10 ball flat bearing and it is smooth as silk, floaty but solid on the string, plays slow and accelerates fast. It’s stable like like a tripod and feels great in hand. It gives me long spin times and great binds when I want them. This thing is nearly perfect for me.

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