Yoyos are trash


I have a small cabinet in my room where I keep all my old toys and childhood possessions from when I was a kid. I put a few of my yoyos in there about a week ago since I don’t have enough space in my case(I need to get a 24 yoyo case sometime…) My mom decided to clean out that cabinet a few days ago without me knowing.

I went to grab a yoyo from the cabinet and found out the cabinet was gone. I asked her where she put my stuff that was in it and she gave me this bag that she put everything in. I started looking through it and couldn’t find the yoyos but my mom said that was all that was in it. So I started looking around the house and a few minutes later my mom digs through the trash can in her room and says “oh, I threw away some pencils and crayons and stuff too” so I looked and found these in the trash

If I waited a few more days to look for them they would all be in the dumpster, gone forever.


Should’ve left the Ti-Vayder in there :sleepy:


Dang bro, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

I swear every time she cleans the house I lose something, my dad says the same thing :joy:


Youre not the only one with a mom like that :joy: somehow my copy of breath of the wild got out of its case and into our junk drawer and i spent 3 days looking for it

BRUH. 2 years ago when I left for college I only brought a few yoyos and I left my yoyo case at home. When I went back for break you know what I found? She didn’t throw out the yoyos but she threw away the foam that held the yoyos in place.

Like. What.


Just the foam?? I wonder what the reasoning behind that was

If I remember correctly she put my yoyos in a drawer and used that case to hold some of her stuff

I think I only had a handful of yoyos in the case at the time cuz I trimmed my collection before college but like still :joy:

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lol asian mother’s be throwing everything out that isn’t designer :roll_eyes:

My mom has thrown out so many sentimental items of mine growing up when I was still living with her


My mom threw out so much of my stuff when I was younger it’s crazy.

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You and your dad really need to have a good talk with your mum!

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You should talk to her. She needs to know whats what and that she cant just blindly throw away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff

What is the bright raw yoyo in the upper right corner?

I mean if you don’t want them I can take em off your hands. One mans trash is another mans treasure… right?

Lunar Wind prototype

Ouch, that hurts to even think about it. :cry:


WTF mom???


My mom did this to me when I was a kid regularly. If my room wasnt tidy or if I left any toys laying around, they became trash. Needless to say, I became quite organized after losing some of favorite ninja turtle and DBZ action figures.

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