My 1st Custom YoYo Case

Well sorry for Pics(crappy camera) anyways. My mom called me up asking be to give her a ride to her favorite thrift store do to the fact that shes never drove a day in her life, her dad scared her when she was a lil girl. But Being her son it’s the least I could do, so we went and I was walking around and saw this cool little Pencil Box that was 2 dollars and it had a cool plaid thing going on and I liked the colors and it was the right size, I already had some High density Foam that I picked up a while ago because I’m gonna make one out of an old laptop case and the piece i got was big enough to trim some off. I paid like 5-6 dollars for the foam and the fabric my wife had laying around. I mean I see all these other cases where they just keep the foam plain and it’s cool and all but I think it look better with it covered. So I set it all up and used my compass that has a exacto blade hook up on it and cut my circles out and finished it with a regular exacto knife like I was a hunter skinning and animal, worked awesome. I spray adhesived the foam and streched it out then smoothed out the lines and bubbles. And the cool part about that is that if the foam is semi stiff what ever you cut or carve out of it will show though like it was embossed, pretty cool lookin. Already had the net thing and elastic strap. But I tryed and in doing this one gave me some amazing Ideas on my next case to come hope you like. And please I can go for some Constructive Criticism, because I am almost certain that someone has something to say…

Wow, that looks amazing! :o
Great work!

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Cool nice job.

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great job but i think you need a bigger case for your other yoyos but other than that one of the best cases ive seen

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I have a Laptop case I was gonna use but I think I wanna hold out for an old Brief case or maybe one of them little old suitcases with the stickers from all the different places the person traveled to or somthing similar to it.

Dr yoyo uses an Epiphone guitar case. It has the really elaborate bungee cord system.

Yeah I seen it, really nice. did you see the Wall thing he made with rubber bands and the board with holes in it. cool idea

The one with the yoyofactory logo right?
Also can you post a pic of the case without the yoyos in it? CAn you see the foam or are there little sleves sewn in the holes to hide it? I want to do that for my case with fuzzy leopard fabric but I need to re-cut my foam first.

Edit: I might do Bengal tiger stripes in honor of you inspiring me.

You can see the foam but I was thinking of having my wife sew so sleeves in or something so you can’t see the foam. I don’t know, We’ll see and yes I’ll post some pics. give me a cpl days. Oops been a month exactly to the date, lol sorry but I have another Case I’m working on and want to post on this thread that I already started, instead of making a new one. Will post when done.

good case ;D

Did you get the original (before you custumed it) off highspeed yoyo?