Throwing out yoyos

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While discussing an ill-fated Hitman Pro, I came to the realization that I can hardly recall more than a single occasion where I’ve ever actually thrown out a yoyo. In the years and years that I have been participating in yoyoing, I would have thought that this would have arisen more. I tend to keep broken yoyos with no worth around for no reason, or have on few occasions traded them away as parts for modding.

Am I an oddity in this case? How often do any of you find yourselves throwing yoyos into the bin? Have you thrown away any metals, or kept them around/tried to trade them? Have you given something away solely for the prospect of getting rid of it? Is this becoming more or less common because of manufacturing, or mentality over time?


I’ve given a good amount of stuff away at contests and clubs

some of them were to damaged to be worth anything and some just because I felt nice

I remember trading with a modder a while back and just putting all my broken yoyo parts in there with it.


I have a ton of broken crap in a couple drawers in my dresser that has no use at all but I don’t throw it away.




Hey Pat, mind letting me know what kinds of broken throws you have?


Now that I think of it :-\ I haven’t thrown away a yo-yo either. I usually hold some sort of giveaway on the forum and give that stuff away. I don’t think I have ever “broken” a yo-yo. The yo-yo might have some slight damage, it’s a double and I’m downsizing, it has some vibe, or I just didn’t enjoy it as much as some others. But, I don’t think I ever had a yo-yo that should have been trashed.


I think everybody should try throwing “OUT” yoyos ;D


LOL. Pokes the poiple pottamus’ belly and runs.

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For a while I was holding on to a broken yomega brain. Not sure what I was expecting to do with it, but hey, who knows when I may really need it, and sadly I’ll have thrown it away.


Never had a broken throw before so this has not happened, but in the case that such unfortunate events happen then yes I will throw the yoyo away.

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I stored them somewhere so if I had a new tool in the future they can be used for modding parts.


I will buy one of your throws now just because that was such an awesome response.