Old Yoyos


I’m wondering what everyone is doing with their old yoyos. I’ve been throwing for about 10 years now and there are some yoyos that I almost never come across in the BST or anywhere else for that matter. One of my old favs is the M1 from Onedrop. Never see those but I know that there must be hundreds of them out there.
Do you get to a certain point and just consider some of the old timers worthless and toss them? Leave them in an old drawer? Give them to a hobo?
Where do they go?


A lot of them are just in a box somewhere with throwers that are no longer active

There’s also the throws that have stripped over time and been tossed or given to modders to someday be repaired


I have most of my yoyos in nice organizer boxes from sears.

In additional I have four or five nice display cases with custom foam for mounting on the wall.


Wish someone would toss me their broken and stripped throws :frowning: Anyway, I just play with mine. Old, but still fun and function able.

(rizkiyoist) #5

Thinking that the owner probably doesn’t even care about it today while I’m wanting them bad…
Got a Speeder 1 few weeks ago, poor thing is safe with me now.