Extolling old throws!


So I just started playing with my speeder 2 again after a while, and wow! I can’t believe I had forgotten about it! Anybody else got any great older throws?


Kyo DNS!


Basically yoyos haven’t changed all that much since bearings were introduced, so to me, old or new, they all play pretty much the same within a given weight/size/shape category. Ya know, it’s round, and it spins on the end of a string. (That’s not to say some are not better than others)



(SR) #5

Not really old, but some older models that I have that are some of my favorites are the General Yo 5 Star, General Yo Hatrick, and some others I can’t think of right now.


big kahuna, speeder, hitman, projams, proyo ace

just some stuff lying around my room


I have a big collection so I get a lot of “everything old is new again” as I randomly select stuff from the collection to play for a few days.

The way I see it:
As long as the yoyo is working properly, every different make and model offers something new and unique to be appreciated and experienced.

There’s nothing wrong with using “old yoyos”. Fun is fun. Enjoy it.


Those are some of my favorites! ;D


I always have fun giving my patriots a throw



Doc Pop bolt (no longer in my possession)

Mini Motu

Old X-con

YYF California (No longer in my possession)