going back to old throws


I just recently went back to throwing my code 1. I didn’t think I would like it that much now that I have newer and ‘‘better’’ throws. but I started throwing it and its amazing it easily is as good as my newer throws. has this happened to anyone else not throwing a yoyo in a while and realizing how much you love it.


Although I do throw some yoyos more than others, I always throw every yoyo I have at least once a week, excluding low ends :stuck_out_tongue:


Going back to my old new breed… I love that thing

I wouldn’t say the code 1 is old though its easily as good as any throw today.


I don’t worry about things like “better”, “newer”, “older” or the price. If I want to play something, I will.


Plenty. I have played with and have owned many “older” yoyos from the 2006-2009 era. Yoyos like the original Grind machine, Luchador, cross bones, etc.

Comparing these old, and one very hyped, yoyos to modern day yoyos is very interesting. When looking back, I thought that these yoyos were great - I played and practiced and learned many tricks on them. At the time, these were some of the best yoyos around.

Nowadays however, even many plastics perform to much higher standards than these one luxury yoyos. It’s a very interesting turn in events, really. I found the Luchador particularly disappointing.

I think that the yoyo that held up best (that I tried) was the speeder I. That yoyo has been around for a LONG time. Still a pretty great yoyo, in my opinion. Many of the older YYJ models still hold up, actually. I guess they were a few years ahead of their time.


This. If I want to throw a certain throw, I will.


Yep, ya gotta throw out all a dem old throws.
Jes pack’em up and send’em my way. I’ll take care of the rest. :wink:

(Waylon) #8

Hardly seems fair for you to have to bear that burden on your own. I couldn’t permit that in good conscience. Send half my way.


The CODE2 is hardly an old yoyo. It has a modern design and would likely be just as popular if it were released now.

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Yeah, I agree. Code 1 isn’t old at all.

I’ve been throwing my General Yo 5 Star around alot recently! It’s so good!


My Torrent II and my YYF 2010 Severe are some of the YoYo’s that sit pretty high in my day to day rotation.

Solid design never gets old.