Yoyo's and extreme temperatures

(Robert) #1

I’m thinking about choosing a yoyo to leave in the console of my car. Something like a One Drop Deep State or Virtuoso. I’m wondering about the effects of extreme temperatures. I live in Kentucky which has pretty average weather for the United States. A couple days will reach 100 and a couple of nights will reach -10.

Will temperature extremes affect the aluminum yoyo, the string, the ball bearings? It will be in the console. Not on the dashboard baking in the sun.


It will probably be fine.

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If your car’s melting or on fire, you should probably be worried.

(Gregory Braun) #4

Don’t park in front of this building:

Although I’m pretty sure that’s London, England, not London, KY.

({John15}) #5

I have had the sticky backing of response pads get loosey goosey after leaving them in a hot car. One popped right out after a few tricks/binds one time.

Flowable silicone would probably be different though, since the pads are pretty much adhered directly to the yoyo.

Other than that, should be fine.


Put it in a little drawstring bag if you’re concerned, then it won’t get scratched or collect as much dust.

(Levi Neal) #7

I left my bape 2 in a car in Kansas for 3 years nothing wrong with it besides a little wear from sliding around.


Just watch it grabbing the yoyo on a hot day as aluminum is an excellent heat conductor.

I’ve left a yoyo in my car for a while as what I call a “I forgot to grab a yoyo to take with me today” yoyo…sat in my car as a backup for those days I forgot to grab one. Yoyo was fine, it was actually sitting in a small but open compartment in my car where it did get sun exposure.

Not sure how a bimetal would do with extreme temps though, particularly the cool temps. And definitely don’t do a polycarb yoyo with metal rings as you can expect it could crack.