looking for plastic or hybrid

I’ve been enjoying my SR-71 and Starlite until they both cracked during a particularly cold night (I leave my yoyos in a plastic box while I sleep).

I’m looking for a more sturdy plastic or plastic hybrid for my collection; here are my preferences

  1. plastic or plastic/metal hybrid (I have plenty of metals already)
  2. resilient, able to be left in the box without cracking. Must resist the weather.
  3. smooth on the string (I have a lyn fury, and it isn’t as smooth as the SR-71 had been)
  4. sili, o-ring, or sticker response (not starburst)
  5. weight: under 69 grams (plus or minus 1g)
  6. size: not a factor that I’m considering at the moment, list any size yoyo that is under 69 grams
  7. price: under $100
  8. I don’t like to feel mold injection flat-spots. If they’re covered by metal or more plastic, they are fine.
  9. C-sized bearing
  10. 1A, 3A, 4A, or 5A style

Starlight cracks due to weather!? Most bi-metal or a yoyo with a combination of plasic and metal/aluminum can crack easily. So probably a plastic then. Although there are some yoyo’s that are strong against weather, I can’t name them all (IDK). There is this probably this one (maybe only) yoyo that has:
C-Sized Bearing
Aroud 68 grams
Good at 1A, 5A (not sure of others)
Silicone response
Under $100
Very durable, doesn’t cracke easily
Should be resistant to weather
Noramlly smooth.

Should fit all your preferences. It’s the YYJ Legacy.

I should clarify #10.
Any of those styles will be fine, I don’t need a yoyo for all the styles.

I believe yyj legacy has those annoying mold injection holes near the o-ring response. They’re what make my yyj lyn fury have string-vibe, and I’m not skilled enough to sand them out on both sides, evenly.

I am not sure if celcon/metal yoyos are more resistant against weather.

Or maybe I need to keep my plastic yoyos near me at all times and sleep with them under my pillow.

Oh. Then there is none I can help you.

I’ve seriously never heard of this unless it is a rapid temperature change, like going from inside out to a subfreezing environment. Most any yoyo can adapt to a gradual change in room temp.

Yes the legacy has injection mold holes, but I seriously doubt that they cause any vibe. I’ve never bothered to remove them from any yoyo and do not have a problem with them. They are present on most plastic yoyos, including the hitman, x-con, journey among others. They are a fact of life.

Very nicley written reply dude! But there have been over 5 cases around the world, say that the metal ring has shrunk and grew due to temperature changes.
Yeah, I don’t know why he said the mold injection holes are not good? I have a Legacy and they cause no vibe. The string rubs against them everyday. No vibe. No slowing the yoyo down. All good.

My SR-71’s crack is located on the plastic contacting the solid spin axle, and it happened on both sides.
It’s a very small crack, but the plastic now slides around the axle, so it can’t be opened. The yoyo vibes now.
My Starlite has a star-like crack that goes through the diameter 5 times, on one half. The other half is in pristine condition.

It gets pretty cold where I live, sometimes reaching freezing, but never below freezing.

Legacy, fits all your preference except for the mold holes. Mold holes cause nothing but when you take it apart, you see the holes. Appearance affects nothing look. Do you mind the look? And BTW, you can mostly see those holes when you take it apart which that when you perform, noone knows anything.

If you’ll note I said “unless it is a rapid temperature change”. A gradual change should not have any effect. I somehow doubt that his house experiences a 20-30 degree drop in say 10-15 minutes, which would cause a significant differential in expansion between the plastic and the rings, possibly resulting in cracks. But then again, what do I know. I’m just some cluck that posts on a yoyo board inhabited by a bunch of other clucks.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to add that the 5 people that had their metal ring expand is because they put their yoyo on a hot heater. Like the house heating system. So that might explain it.

My yoyos go directly from my warm hand to a cool plastic box.
The difference between a body’s temperature and room temperature is… 25 degrees? A cold room could easily be 40 degrees cooler than body temperature.
The plastic box is lined with an inch of foam, and placed on the floor, away from any heating/cooling elements, other than the floor.

Do any of you have any suggestions to slow the cooling to prevent cracks?

well my freinds dm2 got a small crack like urs and it has never had a temp. problem. also ive heard many problems with the SSA on yyjs cracking and stripping so mabey that happened to urs and u didnt no it.