Does heat create vibe?


Like if I leave yoyos in a box or something up in the attic during the summer will it cause vibe?


It shouldn’t. Unless it gets hot enough in your attic to melt metal?



How would heat cause vibe?

Where did you get this crazy thought?

Also, my room is the hottest room in the house and none of my yoyos vibe from it.

Seriously, what makes you think a warm room will cause vibe?


I was just making sure… Cuz I wasn’t sure if yoyos can handle 110+ degree temperatures without effecting play…

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No. However, vibe could come from the bearing’s needing lube or rusting. But you can fix that with some lube or lighter fluid pretty easy.


Yeah they’ll be fine.

Do you have a yoyo case? Because dust and stuff can get in the bearings and stuff.

Just keep them wrapped in a cloth or in your yoyo case for the time they’ll be in the attic


Yea I got that covered :slight_smile:

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If they’re sitting in your room can they still get dust?


Well I mean, technically speaking, the volume of the yoyo will change with enough heat applied to it and so that would probably cause vibe due to the halves maybe not matching up well or something ;D


So it can cause vibe? :o


Yeah but at extremely high temperatures, haha. Don’t worry, it’s not anything your yoyo will be subject to :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya know what? Since there is a chance it will cause vibe, just send them to me :wink:

LL jk, but I don’t think it will…


That wouldn’t happen.

It would need to be extremely hot…


You can have them for $300 :wink:


What yoyos?!


What’s vibe?


It’s like a yo-yo enhancement…

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Only thing heat really does to me is make stuff responsive. Sticky string is evil and catches way too much.


just in case


Haha we don’t want that to happen again…