Yoyorecreation UPHEAVAL

here are some side-by-side comparison pics between the upheaval and draupnir. they play pretty similar, but the draupnir feels like it has more concentrated mass whereas the upheaval feels a smidge more floaty. I’d compare the differences like how the inevitable and tone relate to each other, the tone being the upheaval in the comparison.


I will say, however, that I would buy a Savage in any color.


My friend @hieuyoer123 is selling the “boring” silver one on BST but tbh I would say Green does look really good for Savage


Ty, Tyler! I played both and yes green is abit better looking.
I prefer silver for play
But I prefer the green overall cuz thats ayumu sig color :sunglasses:


how would you compare these two?

Amazing, I just happened to fall into this thread.

I was just checking out a Drive Thru Dairy that also does Brain Surgeries while you wait.

The Menu was quite interesting: Milk, $5.49 a half gallon… Cottage Cheese $2.99 a pint. And Brain Transplants for $1319.91.

EXACT same price as that Para Autoscopy!.

Main problem is, that if you would spend on that yo-yo…… you should have spend the money on the Brain transplant. Because choosing the first option, indicates you should have chosen option 2.

I see(me personally) nothing to indicate, identify or necessitate that yo-yo retailing for that sum of money.

No doubt it is most likely a very good playing yo-yo. And whoever steps up and bounces for one… I sure hope they find it worth every penny.

I would love it if Yoyorecreation would post up an Epic Saga to validate that kind of price tag for a yo-yo.

It will certainly be interesting to see how many they can sell at that price.

PS… before somebody jumps on me like I whining about the cost, realize that price is easily within my budget. And I have spent thousands on yo-yos over the last 20+ years.

But, I’m just not that Krazy, lol…… yet😂


Oh man I prefer tone over inevitable…Now should I get one?:face_holding_back_tears:

does anyone tried the version 2 tone?

it has an updated wrap around rim after worlds unlike its OG design with over hang rims


i think it’s worth getting one regardless, but yes especially if you like how floatier the tone is compared to the inevitable. Putting them side by side, the Upheaval does look like a V version of the Tone lol.


Same question here. Seems like 55mm makes it a little faster but would live to hear some opinion in new Tone.


Ive been wondering how the updated model is too!